Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne Missed An Important 'Bachelor' Moment

Once again, Corinne is bringing the drama on The Bachelor. After Nick revealed that he had slept with Liz (nine months ago, at Jade and Tanner's wedding – in case you missed the twenty times they mentioned it), Corinne was clearly jealous. She decided to "surprise" him, but it backfired – so much so that she had a meltdown. Thankfully (for Corinne), she had already gotten a rose earlier in the week. When the rose ceremony happened, though, Corinne was curiously not there. Why didn't Corinne attend the rose ceremony on The Bachelor? It can definitely hurt her later on.

Just like the other contestants, Corinne was less than thrilled that Nick had slept with someone (Liz) before the show began. Unlike the other contestants, though, she had a very Corinne way of coping. She decided to surprise Nick by wearing nothing but a trench coat and bringing a can of whipped cream to the party. Sounds like Corinne's been reading too much sex advice from the 1990s (but, to be fair, she probably is).

While Nick was not not into licking whipped cream off of Corinne's chest, he didn't seem that enthused. This caused her to spiral into another unnecessary meltdown, complete with raccoon eyes. She was convinced she should go home...even though she already had a rose.

When the rose ceremony came around, everyone immediately noticed Corinne's absence. She was sleeping it off (whatever "it" is) in her room. As Nick was about to hand out the first rose, he asked where she was. He was clearly pissed – and said that it could hurt her chances later on. He "hopes it doesn't," even though he's the one who decides these things. Regardless, the rose ceremony went on – and Corinne stayed despite her absence.

The next day, Corinne was picked to go on the next group date – which featured The Backstreet Boys. It seems as if Corinne is still on Nick's good side, but Bachelor Nation knows this could change any second. She seemed to not enjoy having to share Nick's affection, even though she's on The Bachelor and that's the point of the show. Whether Corinne will have another breakdown – actually, when Corinne will have another breakdown, we'll just have to keep watching to find out.