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No Legal Investigation For 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The reality television world has been abuzz over the past week and a half, ever since news that production was shut down on the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, news broke on Tuesday that the show would resume filming, after Warner Bros. concluded that there had been no evidence of misconduct, as had been alleged previously. But, why wasn't there a legal investigation on the Bachelor in Paradise incident? And will this really be the last we hear about it?

As TMZ reported Tuesday, "The investigation into alleged sexual assault on Bachelor in Paradise is over ... and the conclusion -- no sexual assault, TMZ has learned, and the show will go on." However, this news isn't to be taken lightly. Warner Bros. released a statement regarding the investigation, and it seems as though it was resolved internally, meaning that no legal investigation actually took place. And as there have been reports that one of the involved contestants, Corinne Olympios, was allegedly too drunk to give consent to another contestant, DeMario Jackson (who was also allegedly intoxicated at the time), this news is troubling.

As has been reported, only one contestant's own lawyer — Jackson's representation — was present in the Warner Bros. meeting. Olympios allegedly wasn't mentioned. Romper has reached out to Warner Bros. for a statement on these claims and is awaiting a response.

Shortly after news first broke of the alleged incident between Jackson and Olympios, both contestants hired attorneys, and Olympios finally spoke out in a statement, saying "I am a victim." Jackson, for his part, maintained that he was innocent of any allegations, saying, "It’s unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations."

However, per TMZ's report, it appears that only Jackson's lawyer was present at the time Warner Bros. completed their investigation, meaning Olympios could still pursue further legal matters.

While neither of the involved contestants has spoken out about the investigation's conclusion, it's still interesting that the matter was resolved so quickly, and that no legal investigation was launched, considering the alleged reports of sexual assault.

Whatever happens next, though, it's crucial to keep in mind that both Jackson and Olympios deserve privacy at this time. Until they decide to release a statement, nothing can be confirmed about their thoughts on the matter. Hopefully, though, everyone involved will find closure, answers, and the tools needed to move forward after everything that's happened.