Why Your Hair Gets Thicker During Pregnancy

One of the most wonderful things about pregnancy (besides getting a baby and eating virtually whatever you want) is a full mane. Voluminous hair growth is one of the more celebrated side effects of pregnancy as it makes many women feel beautiful while dealing with excess sweat and swollen ankles. As the locks grow long and plentiful you may be wondering why your hair gets thicker during pregnancy and how long it will last.

You can thank pregnancy hormones for your lucious locks. According to What to Expect, a surge in pregnancy hormones — namely estrogen — make your hair grow faster and less likely to fall out. You also have increased blood circulation while pregnant and a jacked up metabolism. That means all of the nutrients you're consuming are being super absorbed by your hair follicles and nails. Besides having longer more full hair, \Baby Center noted that women also report having shinier hair while pregnant and changes in hair texture (if your hair is naturally curly it may get more straight).

The upside of all of this hair growth is you have good hair days constantly. I jokingly and endearingly referred to my pregnant mane as "Mariah Carey" hair. But, what I didn't tell everyone (except my husband) is that I was also getting Mariah Carey hair in other places.

Unfortunately there is a dreaded downside to increased hair growth and that is unwanted hair growth all over. According to the same What To Expect article, you may find little sproutlings of hair in places you've never seen before including your face, stomach, and nipples.

The extra hair growth can be a real nuisance if you're donning a swimsuit during your pregnancy or just hate the excess hair. Thankfully, there is light at the end of your hairy tunnel. A different What To Expect article explained that hair growth will return to normal about six months after giving birth which means this surge in hair is completely temporary. The other thing to remember is that you can effectively and safely remove the hair if it's bothersome to you. Fit Pregnancy advised pregnant women to stay away from chemical hair removers as there is the possibility that the chemicals could be absorbed through the skin. Shaving and waxing are totally fine and safe as long you hire someone to do it if you're getting too big to balance. Or you can always beg a willing friend or partner to help you. Laser hair removal is not recommended according to American Pregnancy because simply the lack of information regarding it's safety in regards to pregnant women.

The last option is to simply embrace the hair everywhere and take it as a natural byproduct of making the final product — a totally rad kid. Pregnant hair, don't care.