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Will Alex Get Fired On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Catherine Avery Wants Him Out

At the end of Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Alex made a huge mistake by beating DeLuca to a pulp. Now Alex is suffering the consequences of his actions. He's been banned from surgery and is working in the clinic but he may soon lose that job as well. Catherine Avery, who has a stake in the hospital, has returned to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and she's not thrilled with the fact that Alex is still working. So will Alex get fired on Grey's Anatomy or will Dr. Bailey be able to protect him?

Based on the preview for Thursday night's episode, it looks like Alex does something he's not supposed to do. Dr. Bailey states Alex is already on thin ice and he can't afford another screw up. However, it's surprising that Alex would make a big mistake right after he quietly helped a patient — who was initially presumed to be an alcoholic — by diagnosing her actual disease just last week. Alex seemed content to work in the clinic after that, so what could've made him act up now. It's possible it's all a misunderstanding, but regardless, Catherine is back and she's on the warpath. It's unclear why she's involving herself in Alex's dismissal now when he was arrested so long ago, but she's back now and she wants evidently wants him gone. And the scary part is that she can actually make it happen if she really wanted to.

Catherine, along with the Harper Avery Foundation, helped purchase the hospital to keep it afloat, so she is kind of Dr. Bailey's boss, meaning she has the authority to fire Alex or whoever else she wants to for that matter. However, Bailey could intercede on Alex's behalf if she chooses to do so and try to protect him from Catherine's wrath. But will Bailey do it? Based on the preview, it's clear she and Alex butt heads, so she may agree with Catherine's assessment. Then again, these promos are known for being misleading.

Still, it seems unlikely that Alex will really be fired even if Dr. Bailey isn't in his corner (though she probably will be). There's a good chance of Dr. Weber stepping in to save the day. He's married to Catherine and although they claim to keep their personal and work lives separate, that's almost never the case and if anyone could get Catherine off Alex's back, it's Richard Weber.

Alex leaving the hospital would be a shock, for sure, but not one that I'm convinced Grey's will actually go through with. Yes, Alex did screw up, but he still has so many people in his corner that wouldn't want to see him go (like Meredith, for example). If Catherine is the only person that really wants him out, she'll have a tough time going against everyone else that would want him to stay. We'll just have to wait and see how this battle of wills plays out on Thursday night.