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Ally Is Out For Revenge On 'AHS: Cult'

I seriously underestimated Ally on this season of American Horror Story. After Trump's win in the 2016 election, she suffered from PTSD and was barely able to function due to her phobias. Over the course of the season, though, Ally's completely transformed. She's no longer experiencing her symptoms, and she's out to fight those who triggered her illness — namely, Kai Anderson. In the latest episode, viewers saw she's not afraid to kill... so will Ally kill Kai on AHS: Cult? She's definitely brewing up some sort of plan.

For a large portion of this season, Ally was a victim. Kai terrorized her by taking advantage of her triggers. How did he find out about them? For one, her wife was in on his cult. That's right, Ivy joined Kai's cult because she hated Ally that much. Her resentment began when Ally became pregnant with Oz and treated her as if she had no parental authority since she wasn't Oz's "real" mother. That feeling had been festering for around 10 years... and then Ivy grew more hateful after the election when Ally voted for Jill Stein. Ivy partly blamed Ally for the fact that Trump won — and then further resented her because it caused her to have PTSD, leaving her unable to work or take care of herself.

"I hate this country," Ivy said post-election. "I hate my f*cking wife for letting it happen." So she joined Kai's cult in an attempt to do something with that bottled up hate. There was another avenue Kai was getting his information on Ally from as well: his brother, aka Dr. Rudy Vincent, aka Ally's psychiatrist. There was a long-standing theory that Dr. Vincent was also in on the cult, but that wasn't the case (thankfully, not everyone in Ally's life is evil). Kai snooped in his brother's files to find out what triggered her, and it worked... for a while.

Due to Ally's PTSD, she lost custody of Oz and really hit rock bottom. Soon, though, she was able to make a comeback. The biggest twist of the season came with the episode "Winter of Our Discontent." At the end, Kai's newest cult member was revealed: Ally. Yes, the person that the leader was purposefully traumatizing had supposedly joined his movement. I call this the time when Ally got her groove back. She said she wasn't afraid of Kai anymore, that she wasn't experiencing her symptoms or triggers. In the following episode, "Drink the Kool-Aid," Ally proved that she wasn't just unafraid; she was full-on ready for some revenge.

First up: Ivy. Ally confronted Ivy about why she would join a cult, and there was still animosity between the two. As it turns out, it's kind of hard to forgive your spouse when they join a cult and ruin your life. Ally killed Ivy by poisoning her food... and then she invited Kai over for dinner. Instead of poisoning his Manwich, though, she duped him into believing he's Oz's father. Kai intends to be a family, but Ally surely has other plans. In the trailer for the next episode, "Charles (Manson) In Charge," Ally calls out Winter for seducing Ivy — so no one is safe from her rage.

Seeing as Ally has already committed murder, and the series is rapidly coming to a close, I think she surely plans to murder Kai (and perhaps Winter as well). Ally said she wanted two things: Oz to herself, and to watch Ivy die. She already accomplished the latter, and she won't stop at anything to achieve the former. If she has to murder people to keep Oz, she'll undoubtedly make it happen.

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