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Will Amelia & Owen Break Up On 'Grey's Anatomy'? She's Opening Up To The Wrong Person

On last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Amelia thought she was pregnant. And while she seemed excited about the prospect of having a baby at first, she wasn't sure how to tell her husband, Owen, about the potential pregnancy. By the end of the episode, she decided to let him know by showing him the pregnancy test so that they could wait to see the results together. Unfortunately, Amelia wasn't pregnant after all. As you can imagine, Owen was very disappointed, however, according to what Amelia just confessed to Alex, she was actually relieved the test came back negative. Could Amelia's hesitancy to have kids lead to a break-up between Owen and Amelia on Grey's Anatomy like it did for Owen and Cristina? Probably not, but Amelia does need to tell Owen what's going on with her before their relationship becomes too strained.

When Owen asked Amelia if she wanted to talk after their false alarm, she told him no and tried to brush it off as a good thing. She suggested it might be better to just enjoy being newlyweds for a while before trying to have kids. And while that's a completely justifiable thing for anyone to do, she's not being honest about how she's really feeling with him. Throughout the episode, we watched Owen try to talk to Amelia, but she continued dodging him. It wasn't until her patient, a kid who was involved in a car accident, ended up dying on the table that Amelia finally let out everything she was feeling, except instead of talking to Owen about it, she opened up to Alex Karev.

She told Alex about the son she had in L.A. and how he was born without a brain and only lived for 43 minutes. She recalled how she held him for those precious minutes and how he donated his organs to save other babies. Amelia said it almost killed her when she had to let him go and confessed that she never told her family, not even Derek or Meredith. She then explained how, when she took that pregnancy test, instead of feeling excited she felt like she was dying and that when the test came back negative she could feel Owen's heart break, but she just felt relieved.

Amelia fears that Owen won't look at her the same because of what happened with her son, but as Alex was confident that wouldn't be the case. Although it will be difficult, Amelia needs to trust Owen enough to tell him the truth about her past. The only way their marriage can work is if they're honest with each other and the longer Amelia keeps this to herself, the further she'll push Owen away. If she doesn't want to have kids after what happened, that is completely her right. But Owen deserves to know what's going on so that he can be there for her no matter what happens next.