Amy Duggar Reveals Whether TV Cameras Will Be Present When She Gives Birth

When your family has a TLC series centered on courtships, marriage, and having lots of babies, I would imagine the pressure to allow cameras in during labor and delivery is pretty intense. And ever since Jim Bob's niece, Amy, announced she's expecting her first child, fans of Counting On have probably wondered if her childbirth experience will be featured on the show. As for the answer? If you're hopeful about the possibility of Amy Duggar giving birth on TV, you might be disappointed.

If you're not familiar with Amy, she's typically viewed as the spunky, "wild-child" Duggar. This is because she was raised in a more mainstream environment compared to her 19 cousins, despite her religious upbringing.

As for Amy's stint on TV, she has made appearances on 19 Kids & Counting and on Counting On in the past, but her role wasn't ever been a main one. Eventually, Amy even had her own TLC special A Duggar Leaves Home, during which she pursued a music career in Nashville and ended up shooting a music video. She and her husband Dillon King went on to appear in another special, Amy & Dillon: Married One Year, as well as an appearance on WeTV's Marriage Bootcamp.

Clearly, Amy is no stranger to reality TV. So it would make sense if she did decide to film her labor and delivery. But alas, it doesn't seem like this is in the cards.

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, the mom-to-be — who is due with her first son in just two short weeks — shared a pregnancy update with her Instagram followers. Amy posted a side-by-side shot of herself lounging on a couch while sipping from the straw of a Chick-fil-A cup next to a shot of Phoebe from Friends lying in a similar pose. "Phoebe has the right idea! Especially at 38 weeks!" she captioned the post.

I'll admit Amy's post is seriously cute. However, I'd like direct your attention to the comments section. While there, one Instagram user asked if Amy's birth will be featured in an upcoming episode of Counting On. And the Duggar cousin didn't mince words in her reply. "Nahhh no thank you!" Amy responded. "It's a private event lol. No cameras need to see all of that!" Ha!

Something else Duggar fans learned from the comment section of this particular post? Amy is apparently on bed rest. Which isn't too surprising, to be honest, considering she was recently rushed to the hospital for early labor contractions.

In response to a different Instagram user asking why she was put on bed rest, the expecting mom — who owns a boutique called 3130 Clothing — replied, "I have a 4,000 sq ft retail space! I was just moving a little too much! Working a lot of hours and the Dr. Just told me now is the time to rest, to take it easy so that's what I'm doing."

So there you have it! Although the Kings have done the whole reality TV thing in the past, you won't be seeing a laboring Amy on your TV anytime soon. With that said, I wouldn't be surprised if Amy and Dillon share photos (personal or professional) from the hospital via Instagram soon after their little guy is born. Hopefully, these last two weeks fly by because I'm ready to meet baby Daxton!