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'TVD' Characters May Crossover To 'The Originals'

With The Vampire Diaries coming to an end as of March 10's series finale, fans are finding it hard to say a permanent goodbye. After all, they've grown to know and love (or hate) these characters over the course of the long-running supernatural drama's eight seasons. But fear not, TVD viewers — there's still hope that some of these characters will be seen on our screens again. Given that the show's spin-off The Originals is still airing (gearing up for its fourth season), many are wondering one thing: Will any Vampire Diaries characters crossover to The Originals after TVD ends?

It's understandable that devoted TVD fans are hoping against hope that at least a few of the fan-favorite Mystic Falls residents (both human and otherwise) will make their way over to New Orleans in the future. The two series have had crossovers in the past, with Tyler, Matt, and Stefan all having appeared on the spin-off. They've usually been successful (and super fun) endeavors, too. Last year's TVD/The Originals crossover two-parter wound up being a highlight of each show's respective season. Who doesn't love a good Stefan/Klaus bonding session?

Luckily, showrunner Julie Plec is totally down to have TVD regulars cross over into the Mikaelsons' territory. In response to whether TVD's ending would have a direct impact on The Originals, the series' creator gave a promising response. "My hope is either that it doesn’t affect it at all, or if anything, it makes The Originals a playground of opportunity to see some of these characters again,” Plec told Nerdist in an October interview. “That would be, my desire is to keep that show going and to use it as a platform to have some very special visitors over time.”

So, basically: very exciting news!

Just a month after that Plec quote was released, fans were treated to news of the first TVD alum making their way over to vamp-infested NOLA. TVLine broke the news that Matt Davis (aka, Alaric Saltzman) would be appearing on The Originals in the fourth season's eighth episode and interacting with Elijah specifically.

While that's fine and dandy, I'm guessing that when most TVD fans said they were clamoring to see their favorite Mystic Falls natives in future appearance on The Originals, they probably didn't mean Alaric. Personally, I'm holding out hope for more Klaus/Caroline interactions in the future. Viewers won't know how the brand-new Caroline/Stefan marriage will shake out until TVD's series finale "I Was Feeling Epic" airs. But even if they remain together and happy through that last episode, their relationship has a built-in expiration date — as long as Stefan is human and Caroline remains a vampire, she'll inevitably outlive him. By a lot.

Whether that means human Stefan is dying Friday or much later after living a full 60+ years as Caroline's husband, there's no doubt that that leaves the door way open for a Klaroline reunion down the road. If that means Candice King will show up on The Originals at some point, that would make me one seriously happy fangirl. She's awesome, Caroline is awesome, and Klaroline will forever be endgame for me. #SorryNotSorry.