Helen Sloan/HBO

This One 'GoT' Detail Suggests Who May Be Next On Arya's List

Eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans finally have some clues to dissect as more promo materials come out for the show's seventh season premiering this summer on HBO. Fans already have two trailers to unpack, but recently, the surviving Stark siblings (well, plus technical Stark cousin Jon Snow) appeared in character on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with one very conspicuous prop. Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Jon were all arranged on cover, at the center of which was prominently displayed what looked like a catspaw dagger on Arya's belt. It has fans asking: will Arya kill Littlefinger on Game of Thrones?

The particular dagger she's sporting on the cover is also the blade used in an assassination attempt against Bran by a guard in Season 1. Catelyn Stark tried to find out who it belonged to and Littlefinger suggested it was Tyrion's. But after Ned's execution, viewers saw Littlefinger carrying a blade that looked just like it, suggesting that the dagger belonged to him the whole time. So how did Arya get her hands on it and why did the actress playing her, Maisie Williams, bring it to an Entertainment Weekly photoshoot?! Fans are dying to know. Some may be inclined to believe this means that Arya makes her way to Winterfell (finally) in Season 7 and finds Littlefinger, murdering him for his betrayal of her father.


The only hitch is that Arya doesn't actually know Petyr Baelish was involved in setting the events of the story in motion. (If he hadn't killed Robert Baratheon's Hand of the King, then Ned wouldn't have been appointed, wouldn't have had to leave his family and move to King's Landing, wouldn't have gotten wrapped up in Lannister treachery, and wouldn't have fallen victim to Joffrey's execution power trip.) But none of that is on Arya's radar. Littlefinger isn't even on her list. However, there's enough suspicion cast on him by people like Sansa that, should the Stark sisters reunite and exchange information, Arya could easily pull off murdering Littlefinger for his crimes against her family.

More excitingly, the cover seems to imply that a reunion of the surviving Stark family members is imminent. Fans don't have a lot of episodes to get the gang back together, what with a truncated seven-episode Season 7. But viewers do know that the season finale will be "well over an hour," which hopefully means we'll still get a lot of plot in. You can catch the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere Sunday, July 16 on HBO.