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Will Arya Reunite With Jon & Sansa On 'Game Of Thrones'? It's Totally Possible

Season 6 of Game of Thrones has been all about the Starks. Jon Snow was resurrected and then reunited with Sansa. Bran came back after being gone for a season. Rickon and Benjen came back after being gone for multiple seasons (R.I.P. Rickon). And most importantly, Jon and Sansa have taken back Winterfell and restored the Stark banners to where they truly belong. Now that Arya is finally done with her time in Braavos and said she's heading home, fans can't help but hope there will be one more Stark reunion left in this season. So will Arya really reunite with Jon and Sansa on Game of Thrones?

Arya has learned everything she could possibly learn from the Faceless Men of Braavos but she's finally come to terms with the fact that she will never be No One. She is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she's going home. But getting back to Winterfell will be a long journey. Arya has travelled far since she left Winterfell back in Season 1, and getting back there won't be an easy trip, especially on her own. However, there's no doubt that she's heading for Winterfell. Although she hasn't been there in years, it is still her home and once she gets wind of her siblings taking it back she'll definitely want to get there sooner rather than later.

Although we'd all love to see a Jon, Sansa, and Arya reunion in the Game of Thrones season finale, the odds are still slim. Arya has a long journey ahead of her and although she secured a space on a ship she still has to walk the rest of the way. It's doubtful she'll make it to Winterfell before Season 6 ends. Unless, she meets up with someone that can help her get there. It's possible Arya will run into the Hound once again, and although they didn't part on the best terms, the Hound could be helpful to Arya getting home.

If not the Hound, Arya could also run into Brienne and Podrick. Last we saw, Brienne and Podrick were leaving Riverrun, making their way back to Sansa. Although they'd be coming from different directions, it's completely possibly Arya and Brienne could cross paths on their way to Winterfell. Hopefully this time Arya will just go with Brienne instead of running away from her. It seems the second time is the charm for the Stark sisters.

Either way, the odds of another Stark reunion in the finale are slim but not totally impossible. Let the prayer circle for another reunion begin. The Stark comeback is happening people!