Ashley May Be At The 'Southern Charm' Reunion Whether You Want Her There Or Not

Ashley Jacobs has repeatedly turned up to events during Season 6 of Southern Charm despite the fact that everyone makes the exact same facial expression when they see her: exhausted disappointment, followed by a deep breath to provide fortitude for the circular argument that's about to ensue. Everyone has seen about as much of Ashley as they can handle, but is there more to come? Will Ashley be at the Southern Charm Season 6 reunion?

That's not entirely clear. Ashley hasn't been featured in Bravo's promotional materials for the reunion. A video showcasing the cast's reunion outfits is Ashley-free, and she's not in the seating chart video either. But that doesn't necessarily mean she won't be there. Kathryn Dennis isn't in the outfit video, and she'll most definitely be at the reunion. The seating chart isn't a guarantee, either. Often, guests will pop up on Bravo reunion shows for a segment or two, so they don't have a designated spot on the couch. If Ashley does come, she might not sit with the cast for the entire time, but squeeze in to speak her piece before leaving again. The same seems to be true of Madison LeCroy, who isn't on the seating chart, but guaranteed her presence at the reunion in the outfit video.

Considering how contentious Ashley's relationship is with pretty much everyone on Southern Charm, it would probably be best for her to make an appearance at the reunion instead of hanging around the whole time.

It would make sense for Ashley to show up at the reunion if she felt like she had to make a last ditch effort to smooth things over with the rest of the cast. That seemed important to her in Season 6. Every time Eliza Limehouse would invite her to a stereotypically Southern get-together, Ashley would try to talk things out with one of the Charmers. But it never really got her anywhere. No one was willing to forgive and forget all of the name-calling and arguing they'd dealt with during their past altercations with Ashley. She wasn't going to become anyone's bestie any time soon. She may see the reunion as her last shot to clear her name, so to speak.

But this is all speculation. It's equally possible that Ashley will choose to skip out on the reunion after having gone through such a rollercoaster already. On social media, she seems pretty done with the show. On her Aug. 14 Instagram stories, she highlighted a post from Nov. 6, 2018 where she made it perfectly clear that she was over Southern Charm. In the post, she announced that she would not be returning because she didn't want to put her career, friends, or family in "jeopardy" for a reality show. She desperately wanted to tell her side of the story, but felt the editing process was unfair, so she was bowing out.

However, Ashley posted that before Season 6 started airing — a season she very much did feature in. She may agree with last November's sentiment right now, but it doesn't seem to be a guarantee that she'll steer clear of Southern Charm. At the moment, it looks like Ashley's presence at the Season 6 reunion could go either way — but I'm banking on her rolling up for a few minutes, at least.

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.