Ashley's Time On 'Southern Charm' Isn't Over Yet

by Megan Walsh

Ashley Jacobs joined Southern Charm when she started dating Thomas Ravenel, relocating all the way to Charleston for their relationship. Ultimately, she butted heads with almost everyone in the cast, so once Thomas was gone, it seemed like viewers had seen the last of Ashley too. But the trailer for the new season indicated otherwise. It looks like Ashley will be on Southern Charm Season 6, though she won't be a permanent fixture.

Ashley does not get a warm reception from the rest of the cast when she rolls up to an outdoor party in her best velvet-and-fur blazer. There are literal shrieks in response. Arguments follow across the table, with Ashley being called out for her treatment of Kathryn Dennis in particular. When she appears later at another get-together, she's escorted off the premises while insisting to Patricia Altschul that the "truth will come out." Once outside, Ashley declares that she's calling the cops.

Ashley will appear on the show this season, but don't expect her to be in the opening credits. She isn't listed as an official cast member on the Bravo website and she won't be in every episode this season. She'll just show up from time to time to stir the pot, which she does very well.

If Ashley's return came as a surprise to Southern Charm viewers, that goes double for the cast. While talking to Bravo's The Daily Dish, Cameran Eubanks said that she was convinced Ashley would be heading back home to California after the events of Season 5. "And lo and behold, she shows up at a party unexpected," Cameran said. "I think she really wants to be a part of this group of friends, for whatever reason."

She thought that Ashley was "a very complex girl" who often said one thing, did another, and then apologized afterwards. Cameran called her "a very hard one to figure out," which was a sentiment Austen Kroll seemed to agree with. In a separate interview with The Daily Dish, he said outright that he just didn't get Ashley. "You know, she's been very vocal about how much she thinks we're all losers... and then she'll show up," he said.

Ashley's arrival may have caused confusion in some, but it gave Naomie Olindo a case of the nerves. In an interview with Decider, she admitted that she was scared of Ashley. She wanted to find a way to stay on Ashley's good side so that she would be "safe" if anything happened. But apparently that feeling is par for the course, because Naomie also said, "But I mean, she's still the same Ashley."

Ashley doesn't have an altercation with Kathryn in the Season 6 trailer, so it's not clear if they'll be crossing paths this year, too. It seems like there's enough bad blood to go around, so Ashley's visits to the set might be spent hashing it out with everyone else. She may not be around for long, but she'll make an impression every time she's onscreen.