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Will Bran Ever Wake Up On 'Game Of Thrones'? Meera May Need Him

The sixth season of Game of Thrones has been filled with plenty of ups and downs so far, but nothing compared to the ending of the fifth episode on May 22. Many lives were lost, but fans are most heartbroken over the loss of Hodor and Summer, Bran's greatest protectors since Season 1. With both of them gone and only Meera still standing by his side, it's about time for Bran to wake up from his warging. But can Bran wake up on Game of Thrones?

When Meera is desperately trying to wake him up so he can warg into Hodor, Bran can hear her but he doesn't wake and instead wargs through the vision to past and present Hodor. Even with all the chaos going on in the cave, Bran still doesn't wake up, and based on the brief glimpse we see of him in the preview for the next episode, Bran still hasn't come to. Dude, stop screwing everything up and just open your eyes.

So, what could be stopping Bran from waking up? Is it the fact that the Three Eyed Raven was also killed? The Three Eyed Raven was always the one to pull him and Bran out of the visions. Although the Three Eyed Raven basically passed the torch to Bran, making him the new Three Eyed Raven, he also told Bran that he wasn't ready. Does that mean Bran doesn't yet know how to get out of the visions himself? Is he trapped in the past until he can figure it out?

Hopefully not. With Hodor and Summer gone, Meera and Bran are gonna have enough of a tough time trying to stay alive in the middle of that blizzard. Bran might not be that helpful when he's awake, but at least Meera wouldn't be completely on her own. Plus, the longer Bran wargs the more damage he's likely to cause.

Fans couldn't help but blame Bran for the deaths of Summer and Hodor. If Bran hadn't warged while the Three Eyed Raven slept and got touched by the Night King, all would've been well. Instead the White Walkers were able to find the cave and all hell broke loose.

If Bran is truly trapped in the past, there's no telling what kind of trouble he might get himself into. Then again, time is circular and just as Hodor was already Hodor, whatever Bran does while he's warging was probably already destined to happen. We'll just finally know how many present problems were actually caused by Bran.

Or maybe he'll just go back to the Tower of Joy flashback and we'll finally see what's inside. Either way, Bran may be stuck in the past for the while. Hopefully Meera can figure out a way to keep them alive on her own.