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Will Brienne & Tormund Reunite In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale? Fans Want It

Game of Thrones Season 6 is sadly drawing to a close, but in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards, there's one plot thread that remains dangling. We haven't seen much action between Brienne and Tormund lately, although, to be fair, the only action we got in the first place was Tormund's longing looks and Brienne's scowls of general discomfort. So will Brienne and Tormund reunite in the Game of Thrones season finale? It's definitely possible!

The Season 6 finale is scheduled to run a whopping 69 minutes long. A super-sized episode means more screentime for a potential Brienne and Tormund run-in. Plus, thanks to the preview, we know that at least part of the finale will focus on Winterfell, in addition to covering Cersei and Loras' trial in King's Landing, Daenerys and Company's migration to Westeros, and Walder Frey's triumphant Lannister alliance after regaining control of Riverrun. We see a few different storyline threads play out in Winterfell in the finale preview. Jon Snow urges Sansa that they must "trust each other" now that they have so many enemies in common. This is likely a gentle scolding from Jon thanks to Sansa writing The Knights of the Vale to come to their rescue in the Battle of the Bastards without telling him.

We also see Sansa ask Littlefinger what he wants in return for giving her this intel, and his creepily suggestive response implies that Sansa may not be enjoying widowhood for very much longer. Finally, we see Ser Davos cornering Melissandre in front of Jon Snow, so that she may confess how she forced Stannis Baratheon to burn his own daughter Shireen as a sacrifice to The Lord of Light before heading into battle with The Boltons.

All these scenes playing out at Winterfell give Tormund and Brienne plenty of opportunities to appear together again on screen. Whether Tormund will actually work up the courage to speak to her this time is another matter. Thus far, his flirting game has pretty much been limited to intense stares and goofy grins. And while his crush on Brienne is obvious, she's been much less enamored by the grizzled, unmannered wildling. The only love interest of hers we've ever seen was her unrequited love for Renly Baratheon, who was a gorgeous, body-hairless gay boy. Sort of a far cry from Tormund's personal aesthetic. But perhaps in all the excitement of victory, Brienne's disgust will soften and she'll give the guy a shot, even though he's so very not her type.