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'The Bachelor' Pageant Queen Caelynn Is A Serious Frontrunner For Colton's Heart

With Bachelor, Colton, narrowing down his list of potential true loves from 30 women, there are a few key contestants who may (or may not) become the future Mrs. Underwood. As the weeks fly by, there are some clear and obvious frontrunners to contend with. Between the solid connections Colton has with more than one lady, it's hard to say if Caelynn will win The Bachelor but let's not discount the North Carolina pageant queen just yet.

With a no-spoilers POV, my best guess is that Caelynn does not win Colton's heart, or that gigantic Neil Lane diamond engagement ring at the end of this thing. If that's not the answer you're looking for, apologies. This is, of course, based on ~science~. Let me take you through my reasoning with the caveat being, she really did shoot her shot, quickly nabbing Colton's attention which made everyone else question her motives (because, of course they did). Regardless, she appeared to be a serious competitor as the first to get an on-screen kiss from the former NFL player. Despite the side eye from the other 29 women, Caelynn took it all in stride, as any pro pageant winner would.

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After that kiss, there was the drama with fellow pageant queen/former friend/now rival, Hannah B. That took up a considerable amount of screen time, but hey — it's good TV and it didn't seem to affect Colton's impression of Caelynn either way. This info aside, you see a lot of Caelynn on the show. And while some get coverage who are eventually booted (Demi), others are shown to keep the fan connection growing because that contestant advances toward the finish line. Soon after, there was the remarkably candid conversation about the sexual assault she experienced years prior in college and the ways it changed her. A truly raw, tender, and honest moment in Bachelor history that served more than a storyline with a topic bigger than the show itself. The conversation seemed to make Caelynn and Colton closer for the time being, but again, there are others still in the mix.

As the weeks pass and hometown visits draw near, a few different sources claim to know who the final four are. But remember — this is a spoiler-free, safe place, my friends. If you want tea, you've come to a spill-free zone. If you've watched the ABC promo video for weeks ahead though, you'll see Caelynn as one of the faces still moving forward in the clip along with possibly Cassie, Hannah B., Tayshia, Kirpa, Hannah G., and Heather, though, it's unclear (as far as not revealing spoilers) who gets eliminated to dwindle down to the final four. My gut says Caelynn makes it, but don't bet the farm on it. Or do. It's your farm.

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It's clear there are a dozen reasons why Caelynn should win The Bachelor this season but that doesn't mean she will. With Colton's heart on the line, it might take more than a connection and honesty for Caelynn to take it all the way. It really depends on what he's looking for in a life partner. As each episode puts you closer and closer to the answers, it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out — and whether Caelynn or Hannah B. advances farther in another friendly competition. But hey — all's fair in love and war.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.