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Will Callie Or Arizona Win Custody On 'Greys Anatomy'? This Fight Will Be Messy

Sorry Calzona shippers! It looks like this ship is officially going down on Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Callie is ready to move to New York with Penny and she wants to take her daughter, Sofia, with her. Of course, there's only one problem with that. Arizona doesn't want Sofia to go. In last Thursday's episode, Callie claimed she was going to talk to Arizona about it first before any decisions were made, but Arizona didn't feel that way. After getting a call from one of the potential schools Callie was thinking of putting Sofia in in New York, Arizona decided it was time to lawyer up. And thus, a custody battle has begun! So, will Callie or Arizona win custody on Grey's Anatomy?

Thursday's episode looks like everyone in the hospital will be called in to testify on this case, forcing everyone to pick a side, which won't be easy since almost everyone in the show has some kind of relationship with both Callie and Arizona. April, DeLuca, and Alex will probably be on Team Arizona, although Alex may feel conflicted because he did sleep with Callie that one time. Plus, she covered for him when he was the one who actually cut off Arizona's leg and they've actually had a pretty solid friendship for a while. Maybe Alex will be the swing vote.

On Team Callie we'll probably have Meredith, Jo, and of course, Penny. Although Penny would be wise to continue to stay out of this as she has been doing up to this point. Although Meredith has been friends with Arizona, she's definitely closer to Callie. It was Callie that she accidentally kissed because she kind of got in a pseudo relationship with her while they lived together. It was also Callie that helped her study for her boards and get back in the saddle after Derek died (R.I.P.). There's no way Meredith wouldn't support her in this even if she feels bad for Arizona.

The other swing votes are probably Dr. Weber and Dr. Bailey. They both have relationships with Callie and Arizona. Dr. Weber is definitely better friends with Arizona at the moment though so he'll probably support her. And Dr. Bailey has already made her feelings clear about Callie moving to New York (hint: she's not supportive) but that's not enough of a reason for her to say Callie shouldn't get custody.

Truthfully, whoever is judging this case deserves a medal because this is going to be messy. Both Callie and Arizona are great parents and either one of them could take care of Sofia. Callie may have the upper-hand just because she's also the biological mother of Sofia, but Sofia has also spent her whole life in Seattle and uprooting her now is probably not in her best interest.