Ed Herrera/ABC

Cam's Time With 'The Bachelor' Franchise May Not Be Over Yet

Despite getting Hannah's very first first impression rose before the season had even technically begun, Cam was not long for the Bachelor mansion. He made it to Week 3 before becoming so intense that Hannah decided to ax him in a pretty brutal rose ceremony. But, naturally, this has fans wondering whether Cam will be on Bachelor in Paradise. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your relationship to train wrecks), as a controversial character complete with his own catchphrase, Cam is perfect Bachelor in Paradise material.

The official casting announcement hasn't been made yet, but Cam seems like a sure bet, not just because he comes with a built-in drinking game rule (do a shot every time you hear "ABC: Always Be Cam." Just kidding, don't do that, it's dangerous), but also because he racked up tons of enemies in just three weeks on The Bachelorette. The heaviest concentration of BiP cast members this summer will include contestants from Colton's and Hannah's seasons, and plenty of Hannah's guys are super annoyed with Cam. "Annoyed" is actually putting it mildly. Can you imagine the eyerolls from certain cast members on Hannah's season if and when Cam comes sauntering down the stairs to join them in Paradise?

Loathe as I am to admit it, it's always possible that Cam might find a redemption arc in Paradise. In rare circumstances, contestants can be shocked into self-awareness by seeing their behavior play out on TV (and hearing how Bachelor Nation responds to them on social media). They'll occasionally rebrand and come to Paradise as "new [insert name here]." Could this be Cam's path forward? Maybe. I could see him getting an Evan Bass edit: weird guy comes to realize he's weird and learns to strike the balance of owning it while also reining it in. (To be clear, Cam's particular personality seems much, much more flawed than Evan's, but it's in the same vein of personality makeover that's possible on Paradise.)

Another potentially fun dynamic, were Cam to join BiP, would be Demi's reaction to him. Even though no official cast announcement has been made yet, Chris Harrison basically personally invited Demi to join BiP on Colton's "Women Tell All" special. She's also gotten particularly close to Hannah's group of guys — from afar, anyway. She's hosted not one but two stakeouts on Hannah's season, watching the guys from an off-site surveillance van. As a close friend to the Bachelorette (and her official spy), Demi will be deeply familiar with Cam's antics by the time BiP rolls around, and I don't think she'll be shy about calling him out, warning other women about him, or freely discussing how insufferable she finds him. Demi's a voice of the people like that.

Ultimately, even though he's the human incarnation of nails on a chalkboard, Cam would make a pretty entertaining BiP contestant for the collective cast dunking alone. And viewers probably wouldn't have to put up with him for too many weeks, given his reputation going in. In the meantime, Cam's reception on the "Men Tell All" special at the end of this season is bound to be a trip.