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"Teen Mom OG"'s Catelynn Lowell Is Already Talking About Baby Number Four

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's journey to parenthood is one that reality TV fans can't help but be obsessed with. After people fell in love with the couple and their journey to parenthood on Teen Mom OG, people are wondering about their next step. It's only natural for fans to wonder if Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra will have more kids, especially since their situation is so unique.

When the couple appeared on 16 & Pregnant, their situation was so unique to them. Then, Lowell was a pregnant teenager giving her daughter up for adoption. But now, so many years later, a lot has changed. The couple have a 4-year-old daughter named Nova and just welcomed their daughter, Vaeda Luma, late last month, according to Us Weekly.

In spite of their hands being full at the moment, the couple definitely want to have more kids in their future — and they want them a lot sooner than people would expect. Late last week, Lowell told Us Weekly that they are going to try for another kid very soon.

"Yes, we want more children," Lowell said. "We really want to try for a boy."

How soon is soon? Lowell told Us Weekly that they're going to "wait until Vaeda is a little older, like six months to a year" before trying. That might be here before fans know it.

Lowell is definitely looking forward to getting pregnant, especially after how easy her third pregnancy was (and after knowing how much Nova loves being a big sister).

"She's such a good baby — very chill and easy going...so far," Lowell told Us Weekly.

And as for Nova? She "loves being a big sister and loves 'her baby.'" Awwww.

Fans of Teen Mom OG who have been following the couple's story for a while know, of course, that this isn't the first time that Lowell has expressed interest in wanting more kids.

Last year, after Lowell suffered a miscarriage, she said on the podcast, Coffee Convos, that she was ready to have more children, according to Hollywood Life. "I want more kids," Baltierra added. "I definitely do."

On Teen Mom OG fans watched as Lowell went through a miscarriage on the show, according to People. Just a few months later after sharing her heartbreak, the couple announced that they were expecting their third child.

"This baby is our rainbow after the storm," she told Us Weekly at the time.

And while the couple is clearly so in love with their little girls, Lowell has stated that she really wants to be the mom to a little boy. After she found out the sex of her child in October, Lowell told Us Weekly that she almost cried when she found out she was having another girl. Lowell said:

We definitely want to have a boy, but if God only wants us to have girls, then that's just what it is. It will be a household of ALL girls! Poor Tyler!

Only time will tell whether or not Lowell has more kids — but that is something the couple definitely wants. Fingers crossed she gets what wants next time.