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The 'New Girl' Finale Delivered A Big Surprise

The Season 6 finale of New Girl was absolutely perfect. Nick and Jess finally got back together, Winston called his long lost dad, and Cece discovered that she is pregnant. Though Cece was the last one to find out she was expecting, Schmidt's way of telling her was absolutely adorable and kind of made it worth it that she was the last to hear the news. So will Cece and Schmidt have a boy or girl on New Girl?

Fans will have to wait until next season to find out the sex of Baby Schmidt —that is if there is a next season. At this point in time, New Girl has yet to be renewed for a seventh season and the Season 6 finale was so perfect it could definitely double as a series finale. Although Jake Johnson, who plays Nick, told Complex he doesn't yet know if there will be a Season 7 (they'll find out in May), he did say he thinks the Season 6 finale will give fans "closure," which it definitely did. Still, there are a few things that fans would love to find out during a potential upcoming season, like the sex of Cece and Schmidt's baby.

Cece and Schmidt have come a long way and it would be so cute to see them become parents on the show. Imagine Schmidt trying to micromanage his baby or fill its closet with the most stylish attire. It'd be perfect. Plus, how can the show end without telling us if it's a boy or girl? Or who the godparents will be? Obviously Nick and Jess will be tapped for the jobs, but what about Winston? Will he be a godfather too? These are crucial questions that fans will want answered and it'd only take one more season to do so.

Besides Cece and Schmidt's baby, what about Winston and Aly's wedding? Will the show really leave us hanging about Winston's dad and their possible reunion? That's not fair. Also, sure Nick and Jess finally got back together, but what happens next? Does she just move all her stuff back into the loft and they start dating again? Or do they take a big leap and Nick proposes? Moreover, what about Nick's book deal and the sequel to Pepperwood?

The show could definitely use one more season to tie up these loose ends. Still, if the show has to end here, it's definitely not a bad send off. However, I definitely hope that's not the case. I will miss these characters dearly and it's much too soon to say goodbye.