Helen Sloan/HBO

A Cersei & Dany Face-Off On 'GoT' Is Inevitable

The start of the seventh season of Game of Thrones marked the beginning of the end for the popular fantasy series, which means everything is finally coming to a head. Daenerys has finally returned home to Westeros and Cersei now sits on the Iron Throne. The two queens are due for a battle, so will Cersei attack Daenerys at Dragonstone on Game of Thrones?

While Cersei definitely crossed the line when she took out all her enemies in one fell swoop last season, she's also still a calculating political mastermind. Though she'll certainly want to attack Daernerys soon, Cersei's also smart enough to realize she doesn't have the man power to do so right now. It's why she took that meeting with Euron in the first place. She's in desperate need of allies and it'd be suicidal for Cersei to take on Daenerys without them.

Still, thus far Cersei has been skeptical about Dany actually having three dragons. If Cersei truly doesn't believe these dragons exist, she might be naive enough to take on Daerneys without Euron's help. Knowing Cersei, she'll want to get rid of the threat as soon as possible, before Daenerys can get too comfortable at Westeros. It seems Cersei's current plan is to turn everyone against the Mother of Dragons. Though Daenerys certainly has aligned herself with good people, her family name still carries a bit of fear.

Daenerys' father was known as the Mad King for a reason, and many still haven't forgotten his past transgressions. In the preview for the next episode, it's clear Cersei will try to convince the people that the last thing they need is a Targaryen back on the throne. However, Cersei is definitely the pot calling the kettle black in this situation.

Cersei's total destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor proved she's just as mad as the Mad King was. Also, his lack of emotion at the suicide of her son, Tommen, was also very worrisome. Cersei trying to convince people that Dany may be just as unhinged as her father, is a bit absurd in the face of what she's done, and it seems doubtful anyone will take her claims against Daenerys seriously.

Still, Daenerys hasn't been to Westeros since she was a baby. No one knows her; they only know what they've heard. Cersei may be unbalanced but at least she's someone the people known. Daenerys is a newcomer and while she definitely has a claim to the throne, she's also new to the game.

While a Cersei and Daenerys face-off is inevitable, Cersei will certainly wait until she can do it on her own terms. Rather than go to Daenerys for a fight, she'll probably wait for the fight to be brought to her.