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Cersei & Euron May Team Up On 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones is back and it's already clear this will be a crazy season. Cersei has quickly run out of allies and needs to find someone new ones. Thankfully, Euron Greyjoy is willing to help her out. So will Cersei and Euron get married on Game of Thrones? He's certainly ready for a wife.

Season 7 began with a cold open of Arya killing all of the Frey's while wearing Walder Frey's face. Not only did Arya get her final revenge for the infamous Red Wedding, but she also took out what was left of Cersei's allies in one full swoop. However, Cersei didn't get to the Iron Throne without having a plan in place, so naturally when Jaime asked her what she was going to do next, she already had a solid idea.

Euron, the uncle of Yara and Theon, is also in need of allies, and since Yara and Theon have found solace with Daenerys, Euron went to the only other available queen in Westeros. Unfortunately for him, Cersei won't be easily swayed.

After he arrived, bringing a plethora of ships and arms, he attempted to make his case to Cersei and Jaime. He tried to flatter Jaime, applauding the way Jaime fought and killed Euron's own kin, which Jaime didn't appreciate at all. However, Cersei's biggest concern was whether or not she could actually trust someone who willing killed his own brother for the throne. Honestly, it was a fair question.

Euron then promised he'd gain Cersei's trust by bringing her a gift, but of course he didn't say what the gift would be or where he would get it. Most fans assume he'll bring Cersei someone's head. Perhaps he'll kill Tyrion for her or became one of Cersei's other many enemies. Or maybe Euron will aim even higher and kill one of Daenerys' dragons, though that task seems pretty impossible and highly unlikely.

Still, Euron clearly thinks he knows exactly what Cersei is looking for and if he's successful this could lead to another Game of Thrones wedding. Could there be another Red Wedding in the future? That would certainly be interesting and a pretty ironic way for Cersei to die, considering the Lannisters played a big role int he first one.

Arya has announced she plans on killing the queen. Maybe it'll be at Cersei's wedding. Fans will just have to keep watching to find out.