Adam Larkey/ABC

Will Chase Be The Next 'Bachelor'? He Might Be Too Normal

Chase McNary is one of the nicer guys on The Bachelorette, and also one of the most laidback. He flew under the radar all the way to the final four. He's not a drama-stirrer, he doesn't cause trouble, and he's not one with big gestures, either. Chase is refreshingly normal, but this works both for and against him on a show like The Bachelorette. It's understandable how he got so far, but it doesn't seem likely he'll be the one getting down on one knee for JoJo at the end of this. So if he doesn't win, will Chase be the next Bachelor?

Once again, Chase's normalcy is both a pro and a con. His hometown visit proved he was a sweet guy with a great family (not to mention an adorable mom) who made JoJo feel right at home. Though there were vaguely uncomfortable looking walks in the snow, there were no horse-drawn carriages or sunset speeches of love; despite the heart-to-heart with his estranged dad, it was a pretty normal day. And while that's great if you're attempting to actually start a relationship with someone, it's not so helpful on a reality TV dating show. Chase is nice, but he might just be too boring to carry his own season of this show.

While Chase has his fans, he also has the problem of not being very memorable. For example, I spent most of this season unaware that Chase and Robby were two separate people. That doesn't really bode well for him. Robby brings the drama, Jordan has the famous person connection, and Luke knows how to make use of horses to romantic effect. They all stand apart from the crowd of dudes just enough that you could root for them with JoJo, or you could root for them over a season of The Bachelor. Chase? Not so much.

Not that Chase would be a bad choice by any means. He just wouldn't be the most television-ready choice out of the remaining guys. And the next Bachelor might not even come from the final four guys: pretty much any contestant from JoJo's season has a shot, as long as he made an impression. Fans could even be looking at someone like James Taylor for next season, or if ABC really wanted to mess with everyone (and go straight for a ratings grab) they could even decide to give Chad a shot at being the Bachelor.

I mean, probably not. But troublesome as he is, he still makes for better TV than poor Chase.