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Will Connor Kill Wes On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? His Threat Is Cause For Concern

Things have never been sunshine and rainbows with the Keating Five on How To Get Away With Murder, but lately, things are much more intense than usual. Mostly because once again, the gang finds themselves involved in covering up another death and evading the police. So as you can imagine, stress levels are running fairly high these days. So high, in fact, that threats are starting to be made within the Keating Five ranks, specifically in regards to Connor and Wes. So will Connor kill Wes on How To Get Away With Murder? Unfortunately, Annalise's favorite student could still very well be the person under the sheet in the flash forward.

Connor wasn't totally wrong when he said that basically everything the Keating Five have gone through was Wes's fault, however removed he is from each situation that befell them. This whole thing has turned into a nightmare domino effect from which there is no escape. So the idea that Wes was going to turn Frank's confession tape into the police (thus putting them all at risk), understandably had Connor on edge. He told Wes that if he ever mentioned his name to the cops then he'd kill Wes himself. So it wouldn't be totally insane to speculate that Connor is the one who ends up setting Annalise's house on fire, knowing Wes is in it, in order to kill him and protect himself.

Speaking of which, it would also make sense for Wes to be the other person in the house with Laurel since the two obviously have feelings for each other and have an, ahem, special bond that was recently solidified. That alone isn't much to go on, but now someone has a motive for hurting him, so will Connor kill Wes on HTGAWM?

Once again this season, there is a big scandal surrounding the Keating Five and this time it's the murder of Wes's father, which the police have traced back to him, despite him having nothing to do with it. But what Wes probably didn't realize is that now, he's inadvertently dragged everyone else into it with him and Connor was understandably upset about this little detail.

Connor hasn't actually outright murdered anyone on his own on HTGAWM, but as with the other members of the Keating Five, his moral compass is heavily skewed, so the possibility of him killing Wes in order to protect himself is very real. In a way, you can't really blame him, because with everything else going wrong in his life right now (losing Oliver), Connor's world as been turned upside down, which may cause him to have a more skewed version of what's right and wrong. But then again, you can't just kill Wes, our waitlist, sweet college boy, underdog. That would be taking things way too far, right? Right, Connor???

But is Connor capable of killing Wes on HTGAWM? So far, we haven't seen either of them in the flash forward to be confirmed alive, so as of right now, there's a pretty good chance that Connor kills Wes (or maybe even vice-versa?), but we still have a couple of episodes left until we find out who is actually under the sheet.