Will Corey & Nicole Date After 'Big Brother'? They'll Have To Have An LDR

Remember that time when Nicole said she wouldn't get into a showmance this season? Yeah, I don't either. Almost as soon as this season of Big Brother began, Nicole had eyes for Corey and only Corey. It's why she chose him to be on her team in the first place. Now as the number of houseguests get smaller and smaller, Nicole and Corey seem to get closer and closer and fans have begun to wonder if Corey and Nicole will make this relationship last after Big Brother. Although they've had their cute moments in the house it seems highly unlikely these two will make their relationship last once they leave the house.

Being in a showmance is kind of like having a summer fling. Neither Nicole nor Corey have anything else to worry about except trying not to be evicted so their relationship is mainly based on the fact that they're both in the house and are attracted to each other. That's about it. Although they may remain friends once they leave the house, their relationship probably won't be able to last outside of the house, especially because Nicole lives in Michigan, while Corey lives in Texas. They'd suddenly have to go from spending all their time together to being over a thousand miles apart. Not particularly easy, no matter how in love people are.

Still, anything is possible and this wouldn't be the first time Nicole takes a showmance offscreen. On Season 16 she was in a showmance with Hayden Voss and they then dated outside of the show for at least a few months. If Nicole and Corey really want to give their relationship a shot, they definitely can, but it'll be difficult to make that long distance relationship work.

For now these two should probably focus less on each other and more on staying safe from eviction. Thanks to America's Care Package, Nicole is safe this week but Corey is on block. Although it seems Paulie is the target this week, Nicole and Corey are definitely still targets in the house, and depending on who becomes HOH next week, one of them could be sent to jury soon. If Corey does go home this week, and Nicole follows behind him, at least they'll have each other in the jury house.