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Corinne Needs To Be 'BiP' Bound

Corinne isn't winning over everyone on The Bachelor, though she does seem to be winning over the one person who counts: Nick. Despite the less than favorable reactions from the other women competing, Nick and Corinne's connection seems solid. She very well may end the season with that coveted Neil Lane ring on her finger, but just in case she doesn't (controversial contestants like Corinne don't always make it it to the finale) then there is one place where Corinne would be perfectly at home. It would be the ideal show for her. So will Corinne be on Bachelor in Paradise?

As of this moment, it's just too soon to tell. Corinne is still in the running on The Bachelor, and without knowing how that turns out, it's impossible to say what she'll do after her time on the show is over. Anything is possible, so she could end up engaged to Nick when all is said and done. But if she doesn't, then Corinne snagging a spot on Bachelor in Paradise is such a real possibility that it practically feels like a foregone conclusion. BiP always tries to grab the most polarizing and entertaining contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and Corinne has both of those qualities in spades.

Former contestants (and BiP success story) Carly Waddell and Evan Bass have been providing articles to Bustle after every episode of The Bachelor this season. They've speculated that Corinne would probably make an appearance on BiP if she didn't win, though Evan admitted that it was still too early to call. Corinne is perfect for BiP in part because she does such a good job of making a lasting impression. While she may stir too much drama to win The Bachelor, she stirs the perfect amount of drama to make a splash on BiP.

A past acquaintance of Corinne's named Keith Berman talked about her with Us Weekly, discussing what Corinne was like off the show and gave some insight into her personality. He was also hopeful about her BiP chances: "She's setting herself up. Bachelor is going to invite her back for God knows what spinoff, Paradise and this and that. She’s got followers growing by the second, so she's clearly doing something right."

Viewers on Twitter have been just as hopeful about seeing Corinne on BiP one day, though it hasn't been officially confirmed. She's really the ideal contestant for that show: she can be amusing, she doesn't take herself too seriously, and she has no problem making trouble. If Corinne doesn't end up with Nick, then the odds of her booking a trip to paradise look pretty good.