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Fans May Have Predicted Daenerys' Death On 'Game Of Thrones'

Daenerys Targaryen has been an almost unstoppable force throughout all seven seasons of Game of Thrones. She always finds a way to get what she wants and push forward towards her ultimate goal of ruling Westeros. But as the clock ticks towards the finale, some fans are starting to wonder if her time is running out. There's a chance Daenerys will die on Game of Thrones, because she's facing threats from multiple directions.

A show known for its bloody and shocking character deaths isn't going to end its final season without indulging in a few more brutal goodbyes. No main character has ever been safe on Game of Thrones, something they proved all the way back in Season 1 when Ned Stark was beheaded. Just because Daenerys has survived this long doesn't mean she's out of the woods, especially when she's in so much danger day to day. Sure, she has dragons and armies to protect her, but she still has enemies.

The White Walkers are trickling down from the North to decimate the living, and Cersei's army will soon be coming up from the South with a similar goal. Dany is a queen trapped between two major wars. That, if nothing else, means she could get caught in the crossfire. And it would fit the narrative pattern established from day one that anyone could go at any time — even heroes. Perhaps especially heroes.

Several theories about Daenerys' death have cropped up since George R. R. Martin first began publishing his A Song of Ice and Fire books. They've only gained momentum since the show's premiere. One theory leans into Dany's unfortunate family history. Her father Aerys Targaryen was known as the Mad King because he liked to burn his subjects alive. Cersei once remarked that when a Targaryen was born, the gods flipped a coin; they could end up strong leaders or cruel, unstable ones.

Dany's thirst for power has led her to follow in her father's footsteps before and she's burned quite a few people alive herself. If she continues to emulate Aerys, then she may alienate everyone close to her. She could end up murdered just like he was, by someone he thought was trustworthy. But Dany seems pretty level-headed in Season 8, so I'm not sure the Mad Queen theory is viable anymore.

Another theory is that Dany and Jon's romp on the ship in Season 7 led to the conception of a child. Both of their mothers died in childbirth, and Dany's last pregnancy was rife with complications (as well as cursed by a witch). If she is pregnant, then she could go the way of Rhaella Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. It's a reality of life in the medival world of Westeros, though it would be a disappointing end to Dany's journey. She isn't showing any signs of pregnancy yet, so let's put this one on the back-burner.

A third theory revolves around a prophecy. There is a famed warrior in the Game of Thrones universe named Azor Ahai who used a flaming sword called Lightbringer to beat back the encroaching darkness. Some believe Jon could be Azor Ahai, reborn in a new time to defeat the White Walkers. The downside? That could mean Dany is Azor Ahai's wife Nissa Nissa, who had to die so Lightbringer could be forged.

There's yet another possibility. Now that Dany's former dragon Viserion is a White Walker, he could end up freezing her alive during the upcoming battle with the dead. It would be heartbreaking to watch Dany's dragon turn on her, but the irony of her suffering the same fate she inflicted on others could be strangely fitting. Those dragons have defined her journey since Season 1, so it would make sense for them to play a part in the conclusion of her story, too.

The Seven Kingdoms are so rife with danger that there are many ways Daenerys could die. Whether she will or not is a question only the show can answer — so stay tuned.