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Will Daenerys Rule Westeros On ‘Game Of Thrones’? She's On Her Way

Game of Thrones ended Season 6 on a major note: everything is changing, and characters are drawing ever nearer to their ultimate goals. One such character is Daenerys, who finally set sail for Westeros with an impressive fleet and her three dragons on hand. But will she succeed once she gets there? Will Daenerys rule Westeros?

As of right now, Westeros is being ruled by Cersei, who grabbed the throne in the wake of her decision to kill, well, literally everyone. Tommen took himself out of the running by committing suicide, which left the Iron Throne available for the taking. Cersei has always wanted power, so it's no surprise she seized it when given the chance. However, this will make her an enemy of Daernerys' when the Mother of Dragons finally lands on Westerosi shores. Cersei may have some wildfire left in her arsenal, but considering Dany has an entire army and some dragons, my money would be on her as the victor of any battle.

Ruling Westeros is definitely Dany's goal – everyone has been hearing about it for years at this point – so fans know she will do her best to conquer the kingdom. Whether she will be successful or not remains to be seen, but once again: dragons. The odds look pretty good for her.

It won't be an easy road, that's for sure; viewers have seen Dany struggle to balance leadership and badass displays of power during her rule of Meereen. She hasn't always figured out the best way to do so, but with Tyrion as her advisor she's beginning to improve, learning to quell her fiery Targaryen instincts and utilize his knowledge of court politics. She declared him Hand of the Queen during the Season 6 finale and together they make an impressive team. Once it comes time to take over Westeros, they might be unstoppable.

Dany has leadership on her mind even before setting sail. She knows she's going to have to make some compromises in her quest to rule and to do so she will have to make alliances – and perhaps even marry someone to cement those alliances. She cut loose her royal side piece Daario so that she could arrive single and ready to mingle in Westeros, proving that she's prepared to put aside what she wants to achieve her goals. Dany finally seems truly ready to take over and make a success of it, too.

Plus, you can't really lose with dragons.