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Will Daya Shoot Humphrey On 'Orange Is The New Black'? It Could Instigate A Riot

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from Episode 13, Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black.) There has been a huge revolt on Orange Is the New Black. The new guards are — in a word — terrible. They are abusive and they take advantage of the guards in terrible ways. One of the most significant mistreatments in Season 4 was the death of Poussey in Episode 12 after the guards started mishandling the inmates after their peaceful protest. After the news spread that Caputo didn't say Poussey's name during a press conference about her death, the inmates revolted, and somehow Daya ended up with a gun in her hand, pointed at Humphrey. But, will Daya shoot Humphrey on Orange Is the New Black?

While the inmates were all furious about the death of Poussey, things really escalated during the press conference MCC and Caputo hosted regarding her death. During the press conference, Caputo chose to not say Poussey's name as the victim of the incident. Instead, he truly gave Bayley a pass and said that he would return to the prison after a short break. Taystee, who was working in Caputo's office, heard the press conference, got to the bunks and spread the word that they didn't even say her name. In situations like this, it is important to focus on the victims, which Poussey truly was, and instead, the press conference completely ignored her death.

Fast forward to the entire prison getting riled up and deciding that enough was enough. Coming from all different directions, the inmates rioted, and Humphrey lost control of his gun. Daya was able to grab it and before you know it, Humphrey is on his knees and Daya is holding the gun to his head. So, will she shoot?


Daya had a tough season. She is without her baby, her mom is now out of prison, and Bennett — WHERE IS HE? That, plus the complete mistreatment of the guards could certainly be enough to cause her to act out, but is she a killer? I don't think she will actually be the one to pull the trigger. While I think everyone in the prison wants something to be done about the injustice, Daya doesn't seem like the one to actually become a murderer.