Bob Leverone/ABC

Dean's Chances Of Winning 'The Bachelorette' Are High

by Allison Picurro

This season of The Bachelorette has had absolutely no shortage on drama, but it's also given us Dean. As the youngest contestant and a clear fan favorite, Dean and Rachel's connection became obvious during their one-on-one date in Week 4. He captured everyone's attention, and Rachel's rose, when he opened up to her about his mother's death, and their blimp adventure was one for the ages. While that date was admittedly a few weeks ago, the competition is rapidly thinning, and Dean still being there speaks volumes for how Rachel feels about him, leaving just one question on fans' lips. Will Dean win The Bachelorette?

Fans all remember Dean's "I'm ready to go black and I'm never gonna go back" joke when he first met Rachel as an incredibly cringeworthy moment. While she later said she loved it, the comment definitely drew some mixed reactions from fans. As any seasoned viewer knows, winning the show isn't just about securing the affections of the Bachelorette herself, but those of the fans too. Since then, Dean has really shaped up. After bonding with Rachel about their religious upbringings and discussing his desire to have a close-knit family, Rachel revealed at the end of their date that she could see a future with him.

Naturally, Dean has been playing it coy on social media, giving no indication that he might be engaged to Rachel. Though his Instagram is full of pictures showing off his love for dogs and the beach, he is giving nothing away about where he stands with Rachel. Aside from a very sweet post from their day together in which he called her "the most amazing woman," Dean has remained pretty tight-lipped about the current state of their relationship.

He also shared a picture of his late mother and expressed his gratitude toward Rachel in the very personal caption. "I have so much love and respect for Rachel (and @bacheloretteabc) for allowing me to share my story," he wrote. "And, most importantly, honor my mother, Debbie." His charm and honesty has resonated with fans, but fans still have a few more weeks to go before they find out if he wins the ultimate prize: Rachel's heart.

At 26 years old, Dean is this season's youngest contestant, something the other guys have been convinced would work against him in the long run. Proving his maturity was a major part of bringing Bachelor Nation onto Team Dean, especially when compared to the lack of maturity that some of his older counterparts have shown. (Ahem, Lee.) Despite the odds, Dean is still going strong, and their date proved he and Rachel have no shortage of chemistry between them.