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Will DeLuca & Maggie Last On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Their Relationship Is On The Rocks

A hot intern with an even hotter attendee is a love story all too familiar to Grey's Anatomy fans. Just as the famous MerDer couple started as just a hookup, so did DeLuca and Maggie on Grey's Anatomy. Now that they're out in the open — even Maggie's dad, Dr. Weber, knows about their relationship — one would think they're heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

At the start of Thursday's episode, Maggie offers to pull DeLuca into an all night surgery she's doing with Alex and Meredith, but DeLuca refuses, knowing one of his fellow interns would have to be taken out for him to be put in. Still, despite resisting the temptation of jumping into a great surgery with his girlfriend, DeLuca still gets an earful from Cross, the intern we sometimes forget is there.

Cross accuses DeLuca of using his "hotness" to get with Maggie — the cardiac attendee — so he can be put on better surgeries. This brings back a conversation all the interns had previously. They felt that Ben, who is married to Bailey, and Jo, who is dating (and almost engaged to?) Alex, get special treatment. But DeLuca doesn't even want special treatment. He doesn't want to be treated any differently just because he's dating Maggie. Which is exactly what he tells her when she offers to help him study. He then goes on to say that he doesn't want special treatment and he doesn't want to have dinner with Dr. Weber and he doesn't want her help.

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Maggie reminds him that he was the one who wanted their relationship to be public in the first place, but it's clear DeLuca is already regretting that decision. DeLuca tells Maggie he's going to stay at the hospital to study and Maggie leaves looking angry, but also defeated.

It's clear that DeLuca isn't sure what he wants anymore, and his indecision about what he wants from Maggie and their relationship could lead to him being another single intern sooner than he thinks. If he wants to be with Maggie, he's going to have to make this up to her before she decides she's better off without him.