Craig Sjodin/ABC

DeMario's Attendance At "Men Tell All" Will Be Important

The fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise has been mired in controversy, and it hasn't even premiered yet. Allegations of sexual misconduct, plus a scandal between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios caused production to shut down. But after an investigation from Warner Brothers found nothing amiss, the show resumed filming. Now it's going to premiere on August 14, just a week later than planned. But before Bachelor in Paradise hits the small screen, The Bachelorette will be airing its annual "Men Tell All" special, which DeMario will appear on as a contender from Rachel's season. But will DeMario address Bachelor in Paradise on "Men Tell All"?

It would seem like a glaring omission if DeMario did not address what happened, but the "Men Tell All" special won't be the only program he'll be appearing on in the next month. Though he did not return to Bachelor in Paradise when filming resumed, he is going to appear on that reunion special, as well, where he will sit down for a talk with host Chris Harrison and Corinne. DeMario may discuss the events of Bachelor in Paradise on both shows, but it will likely get more of a focus on the BiP reunion since that's the show it all happened on.

Harrison gave some hints about how the conversation may go when he was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight at the "Men Tell All" taping — and from the sound of it, it didn't necessarily go well. Apparently he was "surprised" by some of the "bad choices" DeMario made at the taping and wasn't sure how the conversation would go during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion. "I thought I had an idea before tonight, but I also thought we'd have a better moment than we had tonight," Harrison said. "So, I don't know. Now I'm not really sure how it's going to be. We'll see."

DeMario mentioned to TMZ that his main goal in returning for the reunions was to thank the cast and crew for their support during everything that happened. "I owe it to my castmates," he said. "They've been very supportive of me throughout this whole entire thing and I want to thank them all personally, face-to-face – give them all hugs and bro out or sis out, or whatever. They've been so helpful."

It seems like DeMario may attempt to put a positive spin on things by focusing on the support he was given, but it's impossible to know yet how serious the conversation will become — especially with Harrison's misgivings.