Craig Sjodin/ABC

Will Derek Be The 2017 'Bachelor'? He Has A Lot Of Competition

The line of succession on The Bachelor/ette franchise is something fans try to start figuring out early. There are certain patterns, after all. Someone amongst the contestants is going to be the next person searching for televised love, but who exactly could it be? Sometimes it's the runner-up, like JoJo herself – the person who came the closest to snagging that onscreen proposal and ended up unlucky. Sometimes it's a winner whose relationship hasn't worked out. The key quality is usually to be a fan favorite, someone audiences will root for and want to see again. There have been some guesses already for who will headline the upcoming season of The Bachelor out of JoJo's current gaggle of suitors. Like, for example, will Derek be the next Bachelor?

So far one of Derek's defining qualities is that everyone thinks he bears a stunning resemblance to Jim Halpert from The Office, which isn't a bad thing. The comparison certainly works to make Derek seem more endearing whether he actually is or not. But is it enough to earn him a spot as the next Bachelor? Unfortunately, it might be too early to tell, though Derek certainly wouldn't be the worst choice when it comes to choosing someone.

Derek has enough good qualities to recommend him for the job: he's likable, he seems to have a sense of humor, and he's made more of a positive impression than a negative one during his time in the competition. He also fits the parameters pretty well: fans like him, but he hasn't really clicked seriously enough with JoJo to find himself taking home a win. He would be able to depart amicably from the competition and return in good spirits to try again – except this time in the lead role.

However, Derek might not have made a strong enough impression. Big personalities have been dominating this season of the show and there's a lot of competition not just for JoJo but for who could get the best opportunities post-show. Derek hasn't garnered the same amount of offscreen attention as someone like Jordan and he doesn't have as camera-ready a story as Luke, so Derek has some challengers if he wants to take next year's spot.

Even if he doesn't end up landing the prime spot as the next leading man of The Bachelor, that doesn't mean it's all over for Derek. Bachelor in Paradise is still assembling a cast, and Derek could end up finding himself amongst their number. Derek can still have his shot at finding love in front of a camera crew – or something like it, anyway.