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Will Donald Trump Respond to John Oliver's Epic Takedown? Hopefully He Knows Better

John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight team have been dancing around the biggest blowhard in any room for weeks now: Donald Trump. So, fans like me were particularly tickled when Oliver launched into his now instant-classic, relentless dismantling of Donald Trump and his whole ugly argument for his presidential candidacy. But, will Donald Trump respond to John Oliver?

Trump might be better with a one-liner than dorkus maximus Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, but he's fundamentally outgunned when it comes to trading jabs with Oliver and his team of quick wits. Oliver has created an entirely new comedy lane for himself by marrying Jon Stewart's command of the news and facts. Oliver's seething anger is only thinly masked by his silly delivery and is punctuated with some cuddly animal cameos he uses as viewer "rewards" for hanging through detailed reports on complicated issues ranging from voting rights and FIFA corruption to televangelists. The details of these stories are inherently defeating and depressing, and, most of all, far too nuanced to make for particularly good television. But Oliver and his show he so heartily calls "boring" to quote Trump, are smart enough to pull off the hardest stories, not just with deep, thoughtful reporting, but with more than a few belly laughs thrown in just to help the medicine go down.

Essentially, Oliver is the polar opposite of Trump. He's super quick-witted, fact-based, detailed, well-informed and has exactly zero f-bombs to give about what anyone has to say about him personally. Given the show's passing reference in promos to Trump's distaste for Oliver — as if that's precisely the reason Oliver thinks viewers should watch — it was odd Oliver hadn't already given Trump the full treatment. On Sunday viewers finally got it. And it was glorious.

But, even though Oliver ended the segment practically daring Trump to come at him with everything he's got, and, despite the segment inspiring #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain to trend on Twitter, Trump has stayed surprisingly silent. The segment has inspired many hilarious memes and responses across social media.

Granted, he's busy dominating the Republican field for the party's presidential nomination, but fans of both Oliver and Trump had to be secretly hoping for some sort of angry response, right?

Here's the video, tweeted with much love from Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards.

Maybe Trump is smart enough to know to stay in his own depth making fun of "lightweight" Florida Sen. Marco Rubio drinking water or inciting violence against reporters and staying clear of minds as sharp as Oliver's. Because when he focuses in on something, he's a man on fire.

Here's the segment from Sunday's Last Week Tonight that literally ends with John Oliver dropping the mic.

Your move, Trump.