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Edwards Needs To Survive On 'Grey's Anatomy'

As the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale draws near, there's really only one question on fans minds: Will Stephanie Edwards die? Of course fans are hoping the answer is no, but this is Grey's and it's best to prepare yourself for the worst. It doesn't help that it's pretty well known that Jerrika Hinton, who plays the doctor, won't be a series regular in Season 14. So will Edwards return to Grey's Anatomy or will the finale be the last fans see of her?

When Grey's left off last Thursday, Edwards was seen being blown back by an explosion after trying to stop said explosion from happening. The incident occurred after she set an attempted rapist on fire to try to save herself and a little girl. Though that plan was successful, the aftermath ended up being even worse.

While the little girl seemed to be mostly protected from the blast, at least based on the preview for the finale, Edwards' fate is left up in the air. She's not seen at all in the finale promo, though it's clear the doctors are desperate to find her and figure out what happened to cause the explosion. If Edwards did survive the blast, the doctors will have to find her soon in order to save her.

As some fans have pointed out, Meredith has certainly survived worse, as have some other characters on the show. Therefore, it's still totally plausible that Edwards survives, though she'll definitely be severely injured. If she does make it through, this could be how Hinton leaves her role as a series regular and steps down to a guest star or recurring role.

Based on the level of her injuries, it makes sense that Edwards wouldn't be able to work and therefore unable to continue on with the residency program at this time. However, just like with both Cristina and Callie's exits from the show, this departure will leave the door open for Hinton to return later on in the show, if she chooses to do so.

Hopefully this is what happens because it appears no one is ready to see Edwards killed off. The surgical intern-turned-resident was first seen as Cristina Yang 2.0, but has since become her own badass character. She can be a bit abrasive, but she always keeps it real and won't let anyone or anything get in the way of her dreams of becoming the best surgeon the world has ever seen.

You can discover the fate of Edwards when the Grey's Anatomy season finale airs on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.