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Emison May Be Endgame On 'Pretty Little Liars'

It seems the Liars have wedding fever. While Aria's wedding may be indefinitely on hold while she remains under A.D.'s thumb, another Liar will be getting engaged this week. Even though many fans are sure it's Hanna who will get a ring, others are hoping it's Emison that gets engaged. So will Emily and Alison get married on Pretty Little Liars?

Even if Emily and Alison don't end up engaged this week, it'd be surprising if the show ended and didn't have them walking down that aisle eventually. After what feels like forever, Alison finally confessed she loved Emily during last week's episode and it seems pretty undeniable now that these two are endgame. Especially since they're now going to have a baby together.

Though it may be a little too soon for them to get engaged right now since they just officially got together romantically and Ali was married to Archer not that long ago, that doesn't mean these two won't get married some day. It's unclear what exactly will happen in the two-hour series finale of the show, but once A.D. is revealed there may be another time jump in which fans see the Liars in an A.D.-free future.

In that future, it's possible that Ali and Emily are married and happily raising their child together. They'd be the perfect little family and it'd be a nice way to end Emison's story on a happy note after all these years of will-they/won't-they trepidation.

However, there are many fans, mainly "Paily" shippers, who are still holding out hope that Ali and Emily aren't really endgame. There's still four episodes left and honestly, anything can still happen. For one, fans still don't know who the father of Emily and Ali's baby is and the answer could be shocking enough to cause a rift between Emily and Ali.

Alternatively, and this would be devastating, but it's possible that Ali loses the baby. A loss like that could definitely tear Emily and Ali apart, sending this ship down in flames.

Unfortunately, there's still a ton of possibilities about what could happen to Emison, so fans probably shouldn't get too comfortable or too attached. While it'd be nice to see a happy ending for these two, it's certainly not guaranteed. Fans will just have to keep watching to see what's in store for Emily and Ali.

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