Will Ferrell Returns To 'SNL' As George W. Bush, & He Might Be The Best GOP Candidate So Far

Last night, we received the gift we didn't realize we so desperately needed when Will Ferrell returned to Saturday Night Live as George Bush, reprising his infamous role as the former president to highlight the media circus-turned-all-around dumpster fire that is the field of GOP presidential hopefuls. One by one, Ferrell, armed with Bush-like squinty eyes and nonsensical comparisons, went down the list of Republican frontrunners, pointing out all the (weirdly valid) reasons why he has to decided to enter the Republican Primary because, like he pointed out in SNL's cold open, "the field of Republicans is so messed up, it kinda makes you miss me, doesn't it? And that's saying a lot."

Yes, Will Ferrell-as-George Bush, it does. It really, truly, does.

Saturday Night Live is arguably at its best during an election year. From Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton to Tina Fey's famous impression of Sarah Palin and her iconic ability to "see Russia from my house," the SNL cast is always on the top of their game when the presidential candidates, well, aren't. And for eight years, Will Ferrell was able to highlight President George Bush with an uncanny impression, making us laugh when we would otherwise want to (and, you know, did) shake our head.

In fact, Ferrell-as-Bush makes so much sense, I realized that I would, without hesitation, vote for him before I voted for any of the Republican nominees. And if it isn't glaringly obvious why, I've made a list of all the reasons Ferrell-Bush 2016 would get my vote.

His Campaign Song Is A Winner

Any Presidential hopeful who takes a stage to The Fugees is a winner in my book.

I Can Hear Him When He Talks

Unlike Ben Carson, who spends the majority of his time mumbling incoherently (which might not be such a bad thing, come to think of it) Ferrell-Bush speaks slowly, loudly, and usually using one or two syllable words. Simple? Sure. Understandable? You betcha.

He Supports Immigrants

Unlike Rubio and Cruz, Ferrell-Bush doesn't hate immigrants. He calls the Mexican people "my amigos," Tex-Mex is his favorite kind of food, and there's always that one, obvious point he makes that every other Republican candidate tends to forget.

He's Against Deporting Muslims

Ferrell-Bush points out that Donald Trump's plan to deport all the Muslim-Americans is "impossible to implement and not what this country is about." Seriously, let's all just write in "Ferrell-Bush" come voting day, you guys.

He's Self-Aware

While the other Republican presidential hopefuls can't seem to pull their heads out of their you-know-whats in order to realize exactly what they're saying, Ferrell-Bush is a self-aware man. In making his case for the American people's votes, he says, "You want a simple, under-achieving, not-very educated but reliable guy...That someone is me. I'll see you in the White House."

He's Not This Guy

Come on, America. Do the right thing.

Images: Saturday Night Live/YouTube(6); Giphy