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Garrett Still Has Some Explaining To Do

Where did the time go? There are only two weeks of The Bachelorette left: the Men Tell All special and the finale episode.So will Garrett be at the Men Tell All special? He's one of two men, along with Blake, still in the running to be Becca's fiancé.

Therefore no, Garrett will not be in attendance. Because he's still on the show, he can't really participate in Men Tell All because it would give away the ending. Blake won't be there, either, for this reason. Last year, for example, none of the guys in the finale were on Rachel Lindsay's Men Tell All. Earlier this year, most contestants besides the top few were on Arie Luyendyk's Women Tell All. It's just how it goes. That way, the audience and all the viewers avoid spoilers.

Garrett will, however, for sure be on After the Final Rose. Both he and Blake will be there for the post-season breakdown, no matter how this season shakes out. So viewers will have to wait to hear all the behind-the-scenes and post-taping information then. So, who will be at Men Tell All? I'd say most of the men that were in this season that caused a stir, like Jordan and even Jason, who was just eliminated in the last episode.

During the fantasy suite episode, Becca's feelings for each of the three remaining men became apparent. When she ran up and did the classic legs–wrapped-around–the-man-while-they-hug-and-kiss intro with Blake and Garrett but not Jason, many seemed to see that slight as the nail in the coffin. Then, Becca gave fantasy suite dates to Blake and Garrett, but she didn't feel like it was right with Jason.

In an interview with ET, Jason revealed his feelings on his Bachelorette break-up with Becca. "I was in complete shock," he said. "They didn’t show it [in the episode], but the next day, I was a mess, because it all hit me ... the reality of the situation set in, and I was an absolute mess." He also said it was "one of the most empty moments in my life, because I didn’t have my friends, I didn’t have my family, and I just lost her." While Jason and Becca received closure in the episode by way of an adorable scrapbook, I'm sure he and Becca will talk during the Men Tell All special.

Who knows, perhaps ABC is laying the groundwork for Jason to be the next season's Bachelor. He told People he'd be open to the idea, and that post-Bachelorette he's "able to start leading with my heart and not my head. And I’m in the best position to find who I’m looking for now."

It's possible that Garrett would want to appear on Men Tell All to say his side of the story in terms of his off-screen drama: the fact that he "liked" offensive social media posts. Yes, this information was released during the premiere, but I still remember it and it has affected the way I feel about Garrett all season and probably forever. And I don't think I'm alone. Garrett has since apologized on social media but not on TV, so maybe he would like to take the opportunity to do so. But if this is the case then, as I mentioned before, he will have to wait another week. Garrett will get to speak his mind on After the Final Rose, when Becca's decision has been revealed and everyone can come together in that room full of drama and awkwardness. Until then, Bachelor Nation will simply have to wait and see how this season wraps up.