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This 'The Bachelor' Fan Favorite Has Bachelor Nation Cheering "Put A Ring On It"

The Bachelor is quickly coming to an end, with multiple contestants removing themselves or being sent home the moment Colton feels they're not a match. Good on ya, bud. With a few solid relationships still intact and a looming curiosity on Colton's part as to who's there for the right reasons (which is right on brand with other season's leads, BTW), Bachelor Nation has opinions on who the best gal for Colton may be. One frontrunner, Hannah G., could be "the one," but so could the remaining women. It's hard to say if Hannah G. wins The Bachelor already, because there are still hometowns, more drama, more tears, and probably/maybe a "shocking" rose ceremony leading up to the March finale.

The Alabama native is shown in next week's promo clip, so you know — without spoilers — she at least makes it another week. As far as him putting a ring on it, it remains to be seen. For what it's worth, Colton once told her, "You reminded me a lot of home when we sat and had our conversation." She was the winner of the initial introductions, receiving the first impression rose and obviously everyone else wanted to know who this chick is. I mean, her Instagram has 525k followers, so that's who she is. Colton was immediately into her, but is it enough to become his partner for life? Her ABC bio claims she's a fan of quality time, saying it's her "love language." Certainly it's spoken to Colton so far, but as a few other contestants brought up in the most recent episode, it may not be enough to hold his attention.

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Up until the last episode, she hadn't even had a one-on-one, which would make getting proposed to kind of hard. That doesn't mean he's discounted her. There's definitely a strong connection. But now I'm sure he'll spend more time trying to figure out what that connection means. Amidst all the surrounding drama, Hannah G. has mostly avoided any of it, which is a good thing. Their date that aired on the last episode also proved they have serious chemistry. If you'll remember, Hannah G. hadn't been part of any group dates by the third week because, as Colton said, he already felt secure with what they had. I know that was early on, but it was the perfect set-up for a lifelong situation, if you ask me.

With all that said, it's no guarantee Hannah G. gets through the hometown visits unscathed, or that she'll be the one still standing at the end with a diamond on her ring finger, but that doesn't mean she won't either. I hate to keep reminding you of the First Impression rose, but it's kind of a big deal. And while contestants in past seasons who received the same didn't always fare well in the long run, she could be different. I already hear some of you chanting fellow contestant and fan favorite Cassie's name, and I hear you, I do, but give Hannah G. the same consideration for argument's sake.

Time will tell whether or not Hannah G., passes the remainder of tests Bachelor producers have in store. And maybe that first impression won't end up being the final impression rose and ring. There are still a few episodes left to see where this thing goes, and why Colton will jump the now infamous fence. Something tells me it's not about Hannah G., so it's cool.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.