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Jed May Be A Controversial Choice But 'The Bachelorette' Plays By Her Own Rules

If you thought you knew how this season of The Bachelorette might go, think again. Hannah changed all the rules and now, moved the remaining four men to the Fantasy Suite dates. It's a huge deal, considering how much drama lingers around two of those men. If you're wondering if Hannah will pick Jed when all of this is done, join the club. Literally. All of Bachelor Nation can't stop talking about the newest controversial contestant — and this time, it's not Luke P.

As you may have heard, rumors of Jed's cheating are all over the internet. Though filming for the show wrapped long before, there's always a possibility Hannah got wind of this information before the show had finished airing.

I don't know the details, but I definitely have my own opinions. So here are my thoughts on reasons Hannah might choose Jed as well as reasons she definitely shouldn't. I'd love to be a Jed fan, but I'm just not. He only just confessed he first came onto the show to boost his music career, but the moment he mentioned it, I lost all the loving feelings for him. Was his candor about this honest and unexpected? Sure. Was it enough to catapult him onto Hannah's level? Nope.

Considering Jed's hometown date and the odd vibe his family gave on camera, I would've guessed he'd have been voted off despite their connection. I was wrong. Not only will Jed get the Fantasy Suite date, he's still in the running for her hand in marriage even with the rumor mill running at rapid speed. Even former Bachelor, Colton Underwood, has opinions on the relationship. If I were Hannah, I would've sent Jed home after any of the times he tried to plug his music while the cameras were rolling. But that's just me.

And yet, I actually think she'll choose Jed over the other guys for a few reasons. Luke P. has all but sealed his fate with promos showing him question Hannah's choice to have sex outside of marriage (in 2019!). I don't believe he'll make it through the Fantasy Suite door before he's gone. Peter the adorable pilot was the first to ask Hannah if she'll be his girlfriend and they had a fantastic hometown date, but as a viewer, there's still something missing and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe that he's too enthralled with her in such a short time? Or that, while she clearly enjoys him and has a connection, he might be too squeaky clean? I'm not sure.

And finally, though I want Tyler to "win," and they appear to have all the boxes checked to be together forever, I get the sense that Hannah enjoys Tyler when she's with Tyler, but he's out of sight, out of mind otherwise.

There is also the fact that Jed is the only man to whom Hannah has said those magi words: "I'm falling for you." But again, these are only my thoughts.

For those reasons, I think Hannah will choose Jed. There may or may not be fallout shown at a later date with all the supposed girlfriend speculation, and Hannah may or may not still be with her chosen man. No matter what happens, it really has been one of the most dramatic seasons in Bachelor Nation history.