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Pilot Pete From 'The Bachelorette' Is America's Sweetheart

Alabama Hannah has finally narrowed contestants down to four. Now that hometowns have come and gone, Fantasy Suites are the next step before the finale. Bachelor Nation is collectively waiting for Luke P.'s exit and sighing dreamily over the other three, including Peter. All four men have captured the Bachelorette's heart in different ways, but fans are dying to know if Hannah will pick Peter the Pilot, or if he'll make a crash landing near the Heartbreak Hotel. No spoilers, but I don't think Hannah will pick Peter, even after their 100 percent adorable hometown date.

I mean, she totally should pick Peter. In case you can't remember all the way back to the premiere, Peter Weber is the contestant who showed up in full pilot's gear, including the pilot's wings (he gave Hannah half of the pair). Yeah, I'll admit it. I swooned right there in my living room. As an airline pilot for Delta, he's accustomed to going wherever, whenever, and did as much during hometowns when he and Hannah took flight.

Only four episodes in, the adorable pilot asked Hannah to become his "official" girlfriend, to which she obviously agreed, and the two have strong chemistry, for sure. Peter is among some of the most well-liked guys in the crew, and seems to have an all-around affable energy.

All of that said, the hopeless romantic still may not be the one for Hannah, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the fact that he still lives at home, or those pesky rumors of having a girlfriend before filming. I want to believe Peter is a solid guy, genuinely interested in falling in love with Hannah. Still, I can't see it happening. Maybe it's the long distance between the two, or that Peter seems way too eager to get with the former Miss Alabama USA. It's not a bad thing; it just feels like a little too much.

Of the remaining contestants, Hannah could do a lot worse than Peter. Sure, she has a strong connection with the continually forgiven Luke P., and appears more attached to Jed than ever (despite the awkward hometown date), but where does Peter fit in? Personally, I'd pick the drama-free, tall drink of water that is Tyler, but that's just me. On a scale of all four men, I think Peter ranks third. He's not the worst choice, but not the best for Hannah either. There's something missing I can't put my finger on, and maybe she feels the same. I mean, it's reality TV so all that matters is that Luke hangs around to stir the pot, am I right?

Sorry to all Peter the Pilot fans, but I can't see Season 15's Bachelorette choosing Peter of the four men left. Maybe in some other scenario where TV cameras aren't allowed and no other men are competing for her heart. As for this show right now, Pete may be flying solo after the finale. The good news is, most of Bachelor Nation is ready to fill the void Hannah will have left (and there's always Bachelor in Paradise).