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Tyler C. Is America's Choice For 'Bachelorette' Hannah

Of all the Bachelorette contestants this season, Tyler C. is maximum husband material. Not only has he been one of the most consistent contestants, he's the sex-positive feminist I didn't know I needed — until now. As the season races towards its end, the biggest question on my mind is: "Will Hannah pick Tyler or will he become America's most eligible bachelor?" Because in both scenarios, the common denominator is Tyler.

Disclaimer: You won't find any show spoilers here. Sorry, not sorry. I will tell you all the reasons I think Hannah should pick the emotionally available (and, in my opinion, unparalleled) Tyler, and why I think she'll choose someone else instead. Let me start with why she should, because there are a ton of reasons, aside from all the making out they do.

It doesn't take a detective to notice Tyler's good looks, but he's even more gorgeous on the inside. As one of the more mature-sounding men, with an intense level of chemistry with Hannah, you'd think he'll sail right through to that final rose situation. During Tyler's hometown date, his family genuinely liked Hannah, and she genuinely liked them — by all appearances. Tyler never appeared to put on a show, or do things for the camera time, and always put Hannah's needs above everything else. He even went so far as to publicly defend "Queen Hannah" when Bachelorette alum, James Taylor (from Jo Jo Fletcher's season), posted a Tweet that appeared to slut-shame Tyler's leading lady.

Major swoonage happening with this one, and he doesn't even realize what a gem he is.

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

I didn't even cover Tyler's infamous salmon jacket that basically the whole house has worn throughout the season. Basically there are plenty of reasons Hannah should pick him.

But — because there's always a but — I have a few thoughts on why I think she'll break his shirtless dancing heart (don't blame the messenger). Despite the obvious connection the two have, the fact that Tyler is drama-free and loved by everyone in the house (except Luke P., who dislikes all), and the fearless way he dismantles sex-related double standards, Hannah also seems pretty into other guys like Jed and Luke. Could a person who sees a future with Luke really also see a future with Tyler? Hannah also has an adorably strong connection Peter — though I don't think she'll choose him either. The point is, her time with Tyler appears the strongest when not mirrored with the other relationships. On its own, Hannah and Tyler's relationship could carry into a lifetime of marriage. But at least from the outside, Hannah just doesn't seem as excited about him as she is some of the other guys. As much as I want Hannah to choose Tyler and his big heart, I don't think she will. It pains me to say that.

If she doesn't choose Tyler at the end of this thing, it means he'll be single and (possibly) ready to mingle. So maybe Bachelor Nation should hope she doesn't choose him. Hannah's loss could be America's gain.