Will I Bleed During Sex After Birth?

It's not uncommon for postpartum women to have questions and concerns about what sex will be like after giving birth. The stories you've heard from other women are all across the board and you are wondering what doing the deed is going to be like for you now that you've delivered a baby. Some stories make jumping between the sheets after baby sound easy, and others paint a gruesome picture. So if you've ever thought, "will I bleed during sex after birth," you have good reason to wonder if this will be the case for you.

Seeing blood near your lady parts at any point throughout your pregnancy can be an alarming and scary sight, and even though you've had the baby, those feelings do not change. It's normal for a little panic to ensue when you see blood coming from your vaginal area unexpectedly, but there is more than one factor that could cause you to bleed during or after postpartum intercourse. The good news is, the bleeding doesn't mean there is a more sinister problem lurking inside you. So if you do experience some bleeding, stop and consider which of these possible causes might be the reason you're seeing red.


If you've noticed some bleeding during sex, it may be too soon after giving birth. Your body needs time to heal after delivery and jumping back into intercourse too soon puts you at risk for bleeding, according to Baby Center. On average, most doctors recommend waiting a minimum of two weeks after pregnancy before vaginal penetration, with six weeks being the average time it's safe for most women to resume sexual activity. If you're curious about what timing is right for you, have a talk with your doctor or midwife to sort it out.


After delivery, your body is still releasing excess blood from your pregnancy, which is known as lochia, as What To Expect's website pointed out. This means you may see some lochia, or an increased amount, when having sex postpartum. Although it's different for all women, lochia will taper off during the first few weeks after delivery, as Baby Center reported.


One side effect of childbirth is vaginal dryness. Because of this dryness, "intercourse can be painful and may cause bleeding from the vagina," as Healthline reported. If this is a problem for you, try using some water based lubricant to ease the pain and help avoid friction that can cause bleeding.


If you had an episiotomy that required stitches, having sex before those dissolve may irritate your healing tear and cause a little bleeding. As the website for Very Well pointed out, it's best to keep your episiotomy stitches clean and be gentle with the entire area to avoid pain or risk of infection.

Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not experience some bleeding when you have sex after giving birth. A little blood is considered normal, but if you notice an excessive amount, you should call your doctor right away. For the most part, you should be able to enjoy your sex life and have little to worry about in the way of bleeding.