This 'Outlander' Reunion Needs To Happen & No We're Not Talking About Jamie & Claire

There's nothing that gets a show's hardcore fans more excited than a long-awaited reunion (just ask anyone who watched Game of Thrones last season). This universal truth may make many Outlander viewers wonder whether or not Jamie and Claire will be the only characters reuniting in Season 3. So will Jamie and Brianna ever meet on Outlander? Only book readers know the answer to that particular question. Warning: book spoilers ahead!

When Brianna is introduced in the second season and the third book of the series, she is pretty firmly a part of the 20th century. After her mother, Claire, goes back through the stones once again (as we all know she will), Brianna moves back home to Boston, starts studying engineering, and begins a relationship with Roger, the only person in the world who has any idea of what she's going through. But this can't possibly be the end for her, can it? Of course not! This is Jamie and Claire's daughter we're talking about, she can't just have a normal life with a normal house and a normal boyfriend, even if she wanted it. It's way too boring.

Luckily, series author Diana Gabaldon had other plans for Brianna. It does seem a bit too cruel for Gabaldon to introduce Jamie's daughter without having him meet her. Rest assured that the meeting does happen, but not until Book 4.

It all started when she found an old newspaper clipping that said that Jamie and Claire had died when their homestead burned down. Because of course Brianna hadn't stopped looking for them. Like any good daughter would do, Brianna decides to go back in time to find her parents and warn them about the fire that is going to doom them. And like any good boyfriend would do, Roger follows her back in time. Of course, as everyone knew they would, Brianna and Roger find each other and they find Claire and Jamie, though not without a few adventures and mishaps along the way. Personally, I'm looking forward to Season 4 for this exact moment. Outlander always does a great job with portraying heavily layered, complicated emotions, and this one takes the cake.

In an interview with TVGuide, Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna, talked a little bit about the eventual meeting. "I think it will be really cool when they meet because I think we see a lot of Jamie in Brianna," she said. "I think as you know from Book 4, there's a lot of clash between Jamie and Bree. It's not some wonderful reunion. They have some hot-headed arguments, so I think that will be very cool."

Obviously, in between all of this, Brianna has lots of other adventures and mishaps, because finding two people in 18th century colonial America would be no easy task. So the good news is that Brianna and Jamie will eventually meet. The bad news is that you probably won't get to see it until Season 4 of the series, since that is when she goes back in the book.

However, while the book is clearly the guide for the story in the show, the show's creators have taken a liberty or two when it comes to structuring the story. For example, Brianna was introduced in the second season, when she didn't show up at all in the books until the third installment. Because the first half of the season spent so much focus on Brianna and Roger, could it be possible that the show begins their story a little bit earlier? Perhaps Outlander will continue to spend some part of each episode on the two young lovers. This would mean that we get to 18th century Brianna and a father-daughter reunion way sooner than anticipated. Fingers crossed!

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