Will Jane Get Pregnant Again On 'Jane The Virgin'? Mateo Could Get A Sibling Soon

When Jane first got pregnant on Jane the Virgin, it was a total accident and not in her plans at all. As a virgin, she was shocked to discover she was accidentally inseminated, however, once she came around to the idea, she never regretted having Mateo. But is she ready for another kid now that she and Michael have tied the knot? By the end of this week's episode, our leading lady will no longer be a virgin, but will Jane get pregnant again on Jane the Virgin? We've already seen what Jane envisions for her future with Michael and that includes having more kids down the line. But it seems doubtful that it will happen anytime in the near future. And at least for now, that may be for the best.

Jane and Michael only just got married, and now that he's able to enjoy physical activity again they can finally start enjoying their life as newlyweds. As great as kids can be, they also take up a lot of time and energy, and after everything Jane and Michael have been through they deserve a bit of rest, especially since Mateo is still so young and needs taking care of as well. For now, Jane and Michael should just focus on getting into their new routine as a married couple. Plus, Michael has to decide if he's joining the police force again and what that will entail in light of his recent shooting. Also, Jane is still in grad school and we've already seen her struggling with being a mom and a student. Being pregnant right now is the last thing she needs added on top of her already very jam-packed schedule.

However, with every season of Jane the Virgin so far, someone has been pregnant (first Jane, then Petra with twins!), so maybe viewers are due for another pregnancy. Xo was pregnant, but has since gotten a medical abortion and that storyline seems to have played itself out in a surprisingly short amount of time. And while it would be bad timing for Jane and Michael, when has anything ever gone as expected with these two? Plus, we haven't heard anything about Jane and contraception thus far. Fans may assume she's prepared and will start taking birth control, but we haven't seen this happen on the show yet, so it's difficult to say. It only takes one time for someone to become pregnant, so if Jane and Michael don't take the necessary precautions, they may have to start preparing for baby number two.

We'll just have to wait and see how this will all play out on this season. But depending upon what the writers decide, there may just be more siblings in Mateo's near future. Only time will tell.