Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jessica Has A Big Decision To Make On 'BB19'

The final temptation was given to Jessica a couple of weeks ago but hasn't been used yet. However, now that Jessica and her showmance partner Cody are sitting on the block together, it may be time to put it to good use. So will Jessica use The Halting Hex on Big Brother 19? She definitely should.

After Paul won the Head-of-Household competition last week, Jessica let the houseguests know that she accepted the last temptation and it would keep her and Cody safe for weeks. Jessica hoped that by letting Paul know she could keep herself and Cody safe, he wouldn't put them up for nomination and she could save the temptation for another week.

However, that plan backfired when Paul and the other houseguests didn't really believe she had the power to save herself and Cody, so Paul nominated her and Cody anyway. Little do they know that Jessica's Halting Hex will basically make Paul's HOH pointless because there will be no live eviction and no one will go home. As many fans pointed out, this will be the second time Paul's HOH will be pointless because the last time he was HOH he sent Cody home, only for him to win the Battle Back competition and come back in the house.

Though Jessica or Cody could with the Power of Veto competition, Jessica would probably still use the hex because if one of them comes off the block, it's almost guaranteed the other will go home. At this point, Jessica's only ally in the house is Cody and it'd be surprising for her to just let him be sent home again.

Sure, Jessica was able to survive eviction when Cody was out of the house for that week, but she was still nominated. The only reason she wasn't sent home was because the house turned on Dominique for, arguably, no reason. Regardless, the point is, if Dominique hadn't been thrown under the bus, Jessica could've very well followed Cody out the door.

Moreover, it became very clear no one's on Jessica side when they all tried to blindside her by sending Ramses home, instead of Josh. Jessica let the house convince her that Josh was definitely going home, so she didn't use the POV to take Ramses off the block and save him from eviction. Why would Jessica trust this house again to not send her or Cody home? It doesn't make sense, and hopefully Jessica has learned her lesson and uses this power to her advantage.