Richard Cartwright/ABC

Things May Not Be Over Between Jo & Alex

Now that Alex is definitely not going to jail and got his job back, there's really only one more aspect of his life he needs to figure out: his love life. So will Jo and Alex get back together on Grey's Anatomy? Based on Thursday night's episode, it definitely looks like a possibility. Although pretty much every one in the hospital knew that DeLuca dropped the charges against Alex — or to be technical, he made the case pointless with a boldfaced lie — no one thought to let Jo know until the end of the hour. Therefore, since she was sent home by Owen because she'd worked way too many hours, she had no idea that Alex wasn't actually in jail, but was in fact free as a bird. However, once Stephanie and Leah revealed the news, Jo wasted no time heading to Meredith's house so she could see Alex for herself.

When Alex opened the door, the two looked at each other with the same level of intensity that I tend to look at a slice of pizza. To be clear, that means it was super intense. Neither of them spoke. Instead they just hugged for a solid minute before stepping back and sharing yet another intense stare into each other's eyes. Then, without uttering a word, Jo turned around and left and Alex went back inside as if they meet up regularly to do this and it was a totally normal interaction. Sure.

So what does that all mean? Well, it's clear there are still some serious lingering feelings there, but unfortunately for Alex he's not the only one interested in Jo's affections. DeLuca basically all but confirmed to Alex that he does have feelings for Jo. She's the reason he dropped the charges in the first place and based on what he said to Alex, he'll be really upset if Jo takes Alex back. Still, at the end of the day it's Jo's choice and while DeLuca is an upstanding guy, she has yet to show any interest in him, at least in a romantic way.

Really it just seems to be a question of whether or not Jo wants Alex back. Yes, she was obviously very concerned about him and didn't want him to go to prison, but can she forgive him for what he did to DeLuca? That hug definitely seemed to imply that it's possible. So Jolex 'shippers, prepare to rejoice. It looks this ship is about sail... yet again.