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It Looks Like John Cena Won't Be On Season 4 Of 'Total Bellas'

As one could guess from the title, Total Bellas is mostly about WWE pros Nikki and Brie Bella. But over the past three seasons, their partners (as well s Brie's baby girl, Birdie) have become supporting characters on the reality show. Because Nikki and John Cena ended their engagement last year, fans are wondering: Will John Cena be on Season 4 of Total Bellas?

Unfortunately for fans of Cena, he is not expected to be on Total Bellas this season. WWE shared a press release on its website announcing the upcoming season in November, and the document did not mention Cena's name once. "WWE Superstars Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are back with an all-new season of Total Bellas when season four premieres," reads the opening line of the release. "The new season of Total Bellas will follow Nikki Bella as she moves forward with her new life as a single woman and dips her toe back in the dating pool for the first time in almost a decade, allowing Brie to play matchmaker and set her up on dates." Looks like Total Bellas is replacing Cena with... whoever Nikki dates this season.

And there are already a few hints as to who Nikki may go out with during Season 4.

In a trailer for the upcoming season, Nikki goes on a date with Peter Kraus of The Bachelorette. "I haven't kissed another guy in nine years," Nikki admits to Peter in the trailer right before the two share a smooch. Additionally, Us Weekly reported in January that Nikki is in a relationship with Artem Chigvintsev, who was her partner on Dancing With the Stars. It will be interesting to see if he makes it onto Total Bellas this season as well.

But even though Cena isn't returning to the main cast this season, there's always a chance he could show up at some point. For one thing, the trailer shows Nikki confessing that she still has feelings for her ex. "It's confusing because I'm still in love with him," she says. Not to mention, WWE's press release mentions that the show will document the twins' "return to the ring with renewed focus and fervor to begin the road to WWE’s first-ever all women’s pay-per-view event, Evolution." There's always a chance that Nikki could run into Cena at the ring!

This season will also document Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) raising their daughter Birdie — as well as the couple considering having another child. "Brie and Bryan discuss expanding their family, but with both of them back to in-ring competition and away from Birdie, they must decide if now is the right time to add another baby into the mix," the press release reads. It will definitely be exciting to see what the couple decides by the end of the season.

All that being said, it seems like Cena is doing OK without Total Bellas in his life. He has been tweeting inspirational messages as of late, and Thursday, he tweeted: "Never fear the moments where all appears lost. It only is if you allow it. Focus, regroup, move onward. (Even if at first you must move slightly backwards.)"

Even without Cena, this season of Total Bellas is sure to be entertaining. Tune in to the premiere, on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 9 p.m. on E!

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