Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Jon Snow May Have A Big Decision To Make On 'GoT'

With the penultimate season of Game of Thrones looming ahead, fans are ready for some of the last mysteries to start getting cleared up. It was finally revealed that the famous R + L = J theory was, in fact, correct, but what does this really mean for our beloved Jon Snow and how will it impact his future? Will Jon Snow change his last name to Targaryen on Game of Thrones? As many fans know, names are pretty important in this world, and changing his name could change some things for him in a big way.

Let's start with what we know so far. Jon's entire sense of self-worth comes from the fact that he's a bastard. In fact, that's why his last name is Snow. Snow is just the name that people give to bastard kids in the North because they don't get a real last name. (Remember that's why he went to that godforsaken Wall to begin with.) If Jon were to learn that he's actually a Targaryen prince, that changes literally everything. Theoretically, he could decide he's not going by "Snow" anymore, change his last name to Targaryen, and demand that everybody recognize him as a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. The last name would basically act as credentials and definitely would help if he were trying to take over King's Landing.

Then again, Jon is also half Stark. And the Stark half is the half he most identifies with. It seems right now that Jon is pretty happy just being the King in the North, and I don't know if he'd really care to rule the South as well. Would he even want the Iron Throne? It's possible that Jon could reject his Targaryan half altogether and just choose to go full Stark. Or maybe he doesn't reject his Targaryen half, but decides to stay Jon Snow forever, for clarity's sake. It really all depends on his ambition, and whether or not he really is destined to save all of Westeros/the world.

It's a popular theory that Jon Snow is Azor Ahai/The Prince That Was Promised, who was prophesied to be reborn and save the world from the White Walkers. Melisandre certainly seems to believe that he is. After all, she brought him back to life. This mythical figure is supposed to unite fire and ice (common metaphors for Targaryens and Starks), and come back to life to rescue everyone. If Jon decides to lean into this, if you will, he could change his name to Targaryen and use that to bring the North and the South together in support of King Jon.

The last thing to consider is Daenerys, who might also be Azor Ahai, and is by far the better leader. If Jon changes his name to Targaryen, he could knock Dany right out of first place. Whatever Jon's name is, I feel fairly confident that life is going to get a lot more difficult for him.