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Will Jon Snow Kill Melisandre On 'Game Of Thrones'? Davos Wants Blood

A lot went down during Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones, but there's one moment in particular that we need to discuss. While Davos was walking around the camp to prepare himself for the upcoming battle, he discovered one of Shireen's wooden animal dolls. It was then that he finally realized what happened to Shireen — that Melisandre (and Stannis) were responsible for her death. Based on the trailer for the next episode, it looks like Davos will be bringing his claims about Melisandre to Jon Snow, probably looking for some kind of punishment for her. But will Jon Snow really kill Melisandre?

Although we all know Melisandre killed Shireen, Davos' suspicion and the discovery of Shireen's doll won't be enough to prove what she did. However, it's possible Melisandre will just confess when she's confronted. She obviously feels guilty about what they did to Shireen, it's what made her question her faith earlier this season, so she may be open to punishment. In fact, she may welcome it.

It was also revealed earlier this season that Melisandre is actually much older than she appears. Who knows how long she's been alive trying to do the Lord of Light's work. Although we all hated her for killing Shireen, the truth is she did what she believed would help Stannis, who she believed to be the "Prince That is Promised," as she has been doing since she came on the show. It's possibly she's just about done with this life anyway. Even when Jon asked her not bring him back again she ignored his plead, saying she would do whatever the Lord of Light told her to. If Melisandre feels her work for the Lord of Light is done, she may die willingly.

Jon, however, may have a bigger problem with it. Although he and Melisandre aren't exactly close, she did bring him back from the dead. Jon, just like his father, is all about honor. Because Melisandre saved his life, Jon will undoubtedly feel morally obligated to save hers, no matter how much Davos may want her dead. If Melisandre is going to die, it will either be by Davos' hands or her own.