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Will Jon Win The Battle Of The Bastards On 'Game Of Thrones'? It Could Be A Stark Victory

Although Game of Thrones crushed most fans' dreams of a Cleganebowl with Sunday night's episode, one battle that's definitely going down is the "Battle of the Bastards," or Bastard Bowl as the fans are calling it. After building up the hype for a face-off between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton all season, the battle has finally come. Jon Snow and Sansa have gone around trying to gather Northern troops to come to their aide and Sansa even reached out to Petyr to see if they could get the Knights of the Vale to support. However will that be enough for Jon to win the Battle of the Bastards on Game of Thrones?

As Bastard Bowl draws closer and closer, the Game of Thrones creators, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss seem to be clear on one thing: two bastards will enter but only one will leave. This won't be a battle where someone just comes away with Winterfell, this will be a battle to the death, leaving only one bastard standing. Although we all want Jon to win, does he really have what it takes to beat the sociopath we've come to know as Ramsay? It may seem like Jon and his forces are outnumbered, but there are some clues that he may just win this thing. Here's just a few.

Jon Told Melisandre To Not Resurrect Him Again

In the trailer for Bastard Bowl, we see Jon telling Melisandre not to resurrect him again, therefore if Jon was to die he would stay dead. It's already become clear to fans that Jon Snow is too important to die. Although in Game of Thrones, we've constantly seen those who are meant to be heroes killed off. But Jon seems to be a different case. Besides, why bring him back just to kill him again within the same season? It doesn't add up.

Jon Has Faced Worse Enemies

As Jon says in the trailer, "Battles have been won against greater odds. I fought beyond the Wall against worse than Ramsay Bolton." Although Sansa still doubts him, Jon isn't wrong. He's seen and faced much worse than Ramsay and even though they may not have the great numbers of battle men that Ramsay has, they do have strong warriors. And a giant.

The Grand Northern Conspiracy

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The "Grand Northern Conspiracy" is a popular fan theory that House Umber, along with other Northern houses, aren't actually loyal to Bolton but are still loyal to House Stark. Many fans believed this idea was supported when they saw the head of Shaggydog that looked to small to actually belong to Rickon's direwolf. If the conspiracy is true than that would mean Jon would have a lot more men and Ramsay would have way less, turning the tide in Jon's favor.

Sansa's letter


Thanks to some dedicated Game of Thrones fans, we know the letter Sansa wrote and sent at the end of Episode 7 was to Petyr and that she asked for his help. Considering that Petyr will do just about anything for Sansa, there's no doubt the Knights of the Vale will be coming to the Starks' aide. And with them on the Starks' side, Ramsay's forces may just be outnumbered.